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    Nice map!!!!


      It's a shame about the bot support and the music. I downloaded this and Codex today and was very excited to have two excellent quality maps in the same day.
      I play offline mostly as I'm not a competitive player, nor do i want to be.
      I play for fun and the ambiance of Unreal. No music is ok but as was said earlier

      I personally would have included it with the expectation of the "pros" turning it off anyway. Proper bot support would have been nice though. I tend to play bots 1on1 and in both maps the bots get stuck which completely kills it (Shield belt door for Ricochet, Rocket Launcher level and a hallway in Codex).

      Map per your preferences as it is your map. You have done very nice work here and I hope to see more from you in the future.


        please cook for ps3, this looks amazing!


          v3n, you are a n00b. How are you suppose to make pro maps? lol j/k where is your codex remake?

          PS. nice remake of your ut1 map.


            Oh my God, U got skills.
            If u wanna have Pic in menu, Here's the LINK to the HI-RES PIC.

            Paste "DM-Ricochet-Screenshot.upk" file to all your Custom Maps & change line in INI file to:


            MAP PIC DOWNLOAD

            PS: Dark, i berly c necris characters.


              aaaaaah man

              love it, love it, love it

              the mixture of static mashes u used fits so nice. straight eyecandy !!


                The map looks really good from the pictures and I was looking forward to downloading and playing this map. It is a shame about the bot support though. I like to play offline mostly and will not be able to enjoy this map . I would like to request real bot support but I don't know if it will do any good though. Overall good map but with bad bot support for the most part makes it useless for casual players.


                  if i ever release another version of this map i will address the issues for offline players and publish for ps3.


                    I just downloaded the map and it plays really well although a few bots do get stuck, its a really nice map
                    Would it be okay with you if I cooked this map for the PS3?