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    There is just something not clear for me with this mutator. I've not downloaded it and yesterday evening I played on a server at a really high speed and I've to say it's really cool. But why would I need to install it? Is it only to host games? And is it possible to see servers with this mutator when installed?

    Thanks for your help


      I see Uzi is banned so I can't ask him directly, but I am curious if anyone has an uncooked (PC?) version of this mutator. I would like to use it on a PC Dedicated for PS3 Server, and the userdata.jam is not going to work unless I am missing something (is that short code included in this thread the source?)...

      I seem to recall seeing a PC version back awhile ago on ... sure not there now.

      Rapidshare Mirror
      Direct Download Mirror


        Aw man. Uzi is banned. I would like to suggest that he upgrade his mod and recook for 2.0 or does anyone still use this mod anymore?


          I haven't noticed any issues with PCSpeedX under UT3 2.0, so I don't think it needs recooking.


            I used this code as a beginning start point for the creation of "SpeedX", the "PC" was dropped because this version is configurable via the mutator menu and it is certainly not "Politically Correct".

            Running SpeedX with GameSpeed / FireRate settings of 120 will cause performance to be the same as "PCSpeedX". Not quite sure what values were used for PCSpeedXPlus, but I suspect it is 130-135?

            The configuration screen is nothing fancy. I am not an artist, or a level designer, if you really do not like the logo or the scene make me a new one . I run systems and write code for my money.

            Check out the thread at


            Originally posted by Grinchy View Post
            Uzi wanted this code posted so anyone can tweak his mutator as they see fit. I guess it doesn't work in combination with Berserk, and you can use this code to change fire rate or add it to other mods.

            class PCSpeedXMod extends UTMutator;
            var()	float	GameSpeed;
            function InitMutator(string Options, out string ErrorMessage)
            	Super.InitMutator(Options, ErrorMessage);
            function ModifyPlayer(Pawn Other)
            	local UTPawn P;
            	P = UTPawn(Other);
            	if (P != None)
            		P.FireRateMultiplier = 1.2;