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    I have had my ps3 shut down on me before. But it was with some of the older character mods before the last patch. That's scary! Thanks for the heads up!


      Originally posted by supersayian313 View Post
      why does this happen, I'll be hosting an online match, after a few games I lose some color. And I can no longer see the score or any text, just blocky lines? It sucks because I hate to reset with A full room of players. Any other fix for this?
      That happened to me after I installed the Snake model. I uninstalled it, and it stopped once I restarted my system..

      Just keep restarting your system would be my advice. The universal solution for PC may very well be the same for PS3. ^_^


        I have a crapload of characters and have never run into a problem with the actual ps3 itself (overheating, shutting down, etc).


          Can someone give me a link to download the locusts for PS3?


            I don't think Evil Engine has cooked a PS3 version of the locusts for some reason. I don't know a place right now that you can get the old beta cook of the locusts, but I have them on my PS3, and they work perfectly if you can find them. I wish EE would cook it without the extras the PC version has for PS3, but.....what are ya gonna do?

            As for stuff that works perfectly and stuff that causes problems, for the most part it's alot of good news, and few things cause problems. Locusts aside if you have the Crysis models, they don't cause any problems. I'd suggest that everyone get the official EE cooked version if you still have the unofficial betas. Not only do EE's finals look a little better, but you get a great camo skin for it. The Halo 3 beta version works perfectly. Anuban links to it in EE's forum, but hasn't here. So go to EE's forum and get that. That's another model set I wish EE would do an official cook of. The Rodents work flawlessly, as does the beta of old snake from what my testing has seen. The other Gears unofficial betas work perfect. I don't think EE has made official cooks of Marcus or Cole yet either. He may have though, so check his forum.

            There are a couple that work almost perfectly. Samus is one. The only problem I've found with her is just don't pick her first as a bot, just pick a different custom bot first. It causes in-game graphical and model glitches if you pick her 1st. The Cloud and Zack models work great, but sometimes they'll have the wrong skin when they are a bot. The Star Craft Marine is awesome and is the model I use, but if you he's a bot, multiple bots will have the Marine skin. See a bit of a pattern? They all relate to when bots are custom models. I'll bet these are RAM issues.

            The few models that really seem to screw up the game are that unofficial beta cook of Spawn. Again, I don't think EE has made a working official as yet. The bomberman and Banana cause major graphical issues in the game after the 1st instant action. For some reason the first match works fine besides some custom models having wrong skins. I don't even know if those two were even cooked by the author, they may just be bad cooks. If you have the OLD Cloud model it could cause problems too. I think that's it for models that cause issue, tho I may be missing one I can't think of. Don't put those on your PS3 until they get the bugs worked out and you shouldn't have any issues.


              Originally posted by Grudgezilla View Post
              Can someone give me a link to download the locusts for PS3?
              i found this in a forum. not sure if it is an offical cook.

              hope this helps.