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    PC -
    PS3 -

    Name: CTF-Athea

    Version: Final

    Compatibility: UT3 PC & PS3

    Description: It is a pretty big ctf map with 2 identical bases, a terrain part between them, a cave and a path above the ground (pipes connected to 2 identical towers in the middle area). Since the best path to carry the flag is in the cave, I've added something to make it more balanced which will be described here;

    Outside both bases, there's a small room with a triggered button. It can only be activated if your teams flag is NOT at it's base. When activated, the water level in the cave rises and stays there for 60 seconds, anyone who wants to travel between the bases via the cave will have to swim half of the way. When the 60 seconds has passed, the water level will go down to normal again, and you will not be able to raise it again until the 5 minute cooldown has passed (to activate it again, your teams flag can NOT be at it's base). The cooldown counts for both teams. Also, a player from team blue cannot activate the trigger in the red teams 'trigger room'. I'm also planning on making custom sounds for this trigger, which will let you know when the water rises, when it goes back to normal and when the cooldown starts/finishes.

    The indoor part consist of 2 levels which are connected with elevators.

    Weapons available: Bio rifle, Shock rifle, Link gun, Stinger, Flak cannon, Rocket launcher, Redeemer (above the Udamage, middle) and Sniper rifle.

    Powerups available: Udamage (in the middle), Super helm (on both towers), Chest Armor (In both bases and outside both towers), Tigh Armor (1 in each base, on the second level of the bases) and Big health (in the middle, below the Udamage).

    (Click to enlarge)

    Credits: Entil'sha and Zoo for helping me with Kismet Editor, AnubanUT for cooking it too PS3, Hourences for several tutorials, those who made the video tutorials that came with collectors edition of UT3 and everyone who has given me feedback on the map.

    Fixes in this version:

    Hopefully all bot pathing problems fixed.

    Decoration changed for the room before the flag room and lots of decorations changed in most of the other rooms.

    A few item placements changed

    Added another path to the 2 towers (at the superhelm)

    Lots of lighting changes.

    Materials for crystals are modified (more glow), lamps in red base modified to fit the red light cone.

    Floor material changes.

    Lots of meshes/items which originally where placed a bit above the floor/ground are now placed correctly on the floor/ground.

    Lots of decoration added throughout the map.

    Preview image changed.

    The water in the big room next to the exit of the base changed from green to normal.

    And that's about it.

    Please report any major bugs if you find any

    Downloading now. Will leave feedback in a bit.


      Dowloaded for PS3. Ran with 12 bots and there wasn't a bit of slowdown or a hangup. Impresive art design may I add; I loved the tunnels with the water cascading through them alot.

      Plays great! Bots knew their way around and never really hung up anywhere on the environment.

      Great map, thank you for creating this map Thrallala. (and Anuban for the cook).


        Nice finally its out! cant wait to try it out...going to test it on the PS3.


          Thanks for the comments, glad to hear that it's working good on PS3.

          In case you haven't noticed, there are still some bugs in the map, a few misaligned textures, sound effects for the rain could be better and a few more, but I will probably not release an update unless a bigger issue comes up.

          I hope you enjoy playing the map as much as I enjoyed making it and I'm actually happy with the result, it turned out better than I thought it would .

          Atm, i'm working on a small DM map (beta should be out in a week or something) and a huge WAR map (will probably take quite a while before it's ready for beta, I'm planning on making it too fit up to 64 players).


            Congrats on releasing this level ... another really well made user created CTF map ... this is good stuff and what we need since there weren't many retail CTF levels. Good job man ... looking forward to seeing more of your work.


              Awesome map played it on the fine nothing wrong,the detail is great,I like the hidden tunnels


                yay finally Art Map is out !

                I really love this map
                thank you !
                this is my desktop


                  ok im gonna try it out for ps3


                    Ok i tryed this out today it was my first time to downlaod maps end this 1 is way too good the only problem is that the enemy walks into thinks or just teleports but the map is 10 stars


                      Many thanks Thrallala.

                      Great map. I played (PC) with bots for, seemed like hours but I'm told like 45 minutes.

                      Very nice work indeed. I really love the paths you have created for this CTF.

                      Mental note to self - Keep an eye out for this author (Thrallala)


                        nice to see you released it mate, this map is legendary


                          Thanks to the brilliant reviewer Clark Kent (http:\\ I'm going to release another version of this map. My plan is to improve the gamplay as much as possible.

                          The following changes will be made -
                          1. The lower tunnels (caves) will be removed
                          2. The upper tunnels (in the bases) will be modified, I will probably cut out atleast half of their walkways and make the other walkways there abit wider. I will also connect them to the platform with the shock rifle.
                          3. The flag room will be changed so that it provides a much larger space, this to make the defending of it alot less ez-mode.
                          4. A few changes with the decoration, sounds.
                          5. Since the caves are being removed, the big hole in the middle of the map will also be removed.
                          6. imo, the outside of the bases doesn't look very good, so I will change them to look much less 'plain'.

                          The earlier version will still exist and the new one will be named "CTF-AtheaRev". It might take a few weeks or so until I release this version of the map.


                            yes love to try other version !

                            download link please ?
                            how about keep this vesion and make another version of this Map ?
                            beacuse I love this one too so


                              I don't like the sound of the hole and caves being removed, seems rather unnecessary and they looked really cool. :/ Also AtheaRev sounds a bit meh, why not the old standard 'Athea-SE' or somesuch?

                              I don't even think the map needs a revision, as it is it's one of only two custom CTF maps that I call a keeper.