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    Fun stuff, reminds me of Alien Swarm for UT2k4 (anyone know what that mod team is doing now?). Anyway, thanks for the updates. The next version should have more maps.

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    Slaughterhouse v1.1

    Name: Slaughterhouse
    Version: 1.1
    Description: This gametype changes UT3 to a top down shooter. You move the crosshair around the screen and your character always faces it while you move around. The objective is to survive against the horde of enemies for as long as you can. At first, the enemies simply charge at you with Impact Hammers. As time passes, the enemies will start using different weapons and some larger, stronger, faster "boss" characters will appear. Over time or when enemies are killed, various weapons and powerups will appear. These include most of UT's normal powerups, including new Speed Boots and Regeneration.

    You can play by yourself or co-op with others. The game tracks the top ten scores on each level at each difficulty.

    Screenshot: [screenshot][/screenshot]

    Changes since v1.0:
    -Added shock alt phase in between bio and enforcer
    -Slightly decreased the amount of time between powerup spawns
    -Powerup/enemy spawning is now affected by time dilation (game speed mutators)
    -Players now throw out their existing weapon when picking up a new one (so they can recover it if they preferred it)
    -Gibs now only last forever in high detail mode (otherwise they just last a lot longer)
    -The cables on SH-Suspense now block weapons fire, so they provide some cover from the enemy