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    Name: CTF-LTC_Debris

    Version: 2.0
    Compatibility: PC,PS3

    Description: The map is set in an old abandoned warehouse now overgrown and crumbling. It is a small map and i wouldn't reccomend more than 6 players unless you love absolutely frantic matches. I worked hard on this map to make it look good and i think i succeeded. The gameplay is also quite good if you like fast tight matches.

    Comments: This was the first map i ever made, for anything... ever. It has been around a while but I couldnt figure out how to make a PS3 downlaod. A few people keep on pestering me for one, lol. And now here it is. To make up for the wait I have polished it up with my new mapping knowledge. I have only focused on how it looks, so there are no changes to layout. however the atmosphere is quite different now. If you enjoy the map feel free to say so, but please dont expect me to work on this anymore. the map is done. it is not stunning or beautiful but it is quite fun and I hope you enjoy it.


    Credits: ME, Epic
    Homepage: N/A


    You need to use the correct format when you are posting content on the forums otherwise a mod will come by and give you a nice reminder. Here is a perfect example of how your post should look:

    Good luck with the level.


      I would but i don't know how to add the screens.


        Just use the tags around the direct links to your pics ... the rest has nothing to do with adding screens.

        Download links:

        If you want people to take you thread seriously and download your file you should really edit your OP. Just a word of advice.


          I have put it in proper format now. Please take a look!


            Looks good. I'll have to give it a try later.


              I figured it out on my own but you need to fix your screenshot links. You didnt make the whole address the link, part of it is showing link the rest text.


                Thanks i was wondering why the link didn't work!

                Pics now fixed.

                I hope you guys enjoy the map!


                  This is your first map and you didn't start off with a beta so that you could incorporate any feedback you get and make improvements? Usually that is how it is done ... especially when it is a person's first map. Even mappers who have been doing level design work for years put a beta out first (some even put out Alphas) because no one is perfect and usually there will be a number of things to correct. My recommendation is that you rename this Beta 1 and start a thread in the beta area and get feedback on the level and then improve it based on that feedback and release another beta ... then maybe release a Release Candidate .. what is known as an RC1 and if that goes well then you release the level in the full releases area. Anyway good luck with your map.


                    I released a beta on a different forum and loads of people i know have tried the map.
                    and besides If there is anything that would drastically improve my map i would make the change, but i am not actively working on it anymore. I will of course do the beta on this forum with any new maps i make but not with this one.

                    Anyway try the map and tell me what you think.


                      Well i think It's a cool little map, =) But I can not play it, It's not for the PS3.. Witch makes
                      me think you added the wrong post tag to your post .. Hummm

                      Or maybe I can play it on my PS3 ...

                      Well at any rate It looks cool, =) I like CQC maps


                        CQC maps?

                        And anyway there aren't any other tags you can use. If anyone can tell me how to cook for ps3 i will.


                          Originally posted by LtClifff View Post
                          CQC maps?

                          And anyway there aren't any other tags you can use. If anyone can tell me how to cook for ps3 i will.
                          Here you go ... it's not too difficult .. plenty of folks have done this ... I used to do it for everyone but now I am just doing a last few I promised and then I am officially done cooking. Otherwise I would do yours but really it is not hard at all. If I can do it anyone can do it.


                          I wonder if CQC means cool quality cooked ... if not I have no idea.


                            CQC stands for close quarters combat....

                            Guessing a lot of people dont play too many console shooters/strategy games around here like Socom or Metal Gear Solid.


                              I do play lots of shooters on my 360 but since I don't play online this is why I am guessing I have not seen that acronym before but I have heard the phrase.