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Dm-lego [PC][PS3]

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  • Dm-lego [PC][PS3]

    Due to being kindly asked by LEGO execs to rename the map and remove all LEGO images etc, i've pulled the maps from where i've uploaded, and am about to release DM-BLOCKLAND. It is essentially the same map with one new area, but with the desired changes


    This one is more of a test at playing around with the new Physics options, so almost the whole map is destructable. There's 20 or so various types of LEGO blocks built into houses, walls and shapes. By the end of the match, it's mayhem :evil:
    There's a lot i could have done, but it is mainly a physics test.




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    nice fun map !

    now we need fun Anime models for UT3
    I Destroy all house and people too


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      sweet!!.....ive really enjoyed all the maps..but lately ive been looking for something different b/c a lot of the maps are kinda the same...this mos def fits the bill..i love it...any thoughts on cooking this for the PS3?...this looks like a damn good time


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        Please cook it for PS3


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          LOL, that's one of the coolest things I've ever seen. I predict this will be one of the most popular maps on PSN if it comes out for the Playstation. Very cool. Lego games are really popular too. This is going t be great.


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            It looks MUCH better and more lego than in the pictures.

            I was running at the framerate cap the entire time... and the physics were VERY impressive. Now why can't frigging Ageia do something like that. How does this run for people w/o physx cards?


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              ooh nice...wat is the performance like in this level though?


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                Very creative level indeed ... looks like this is going to be a fun one. Thanks ..

                And as a reminder ... I already counted 3 cooking requests so I can see this is necessary:

                Originally posted by Mark Rein View Post

                Please stop asking over and over for mods to be cooked. Eventually that turns into trolling and we will ban you for that. One request is fine. People making mods have already gone to a great deal of trouble for the benefit of the community. Not all of those mods are going to be ideal for PS3 and it is the choice of the mod maker to decide to cook it to PS3 or not. So be polite and appreciative and maybe they'll help you. Be incessant and annoying and you're likely going to hurt the community more than you help it. We'll also kick you off this forum if you do so repeatedly.


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                  Why'd you make the post marker red & blue? Why must you taunt us so?


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                    Originally posted by Madmanxan View Post
                    ooh nice...wat is the performance like in this level though?

                    Not great ... on my system there are noticeable dips in the fps. It is bad considering the level is really not that large but it is so much fun because the lego blocks come apart and so this is effectively a level that allows almost total destruction. I love getting the UDamage and just taking the structures apart in a couple of blast. But it really needs to be optimized. I can't see this running on the PS3 anyway. If it did it would probably get less than 10 fps.

                    Edit: Is this made to be run with systems that have the PhysX card ... ohhh if so I didn't get that from the description ... I thought it was some kind of built in physics that had nothing to do with the card. In that case this would not work on the PS3 for certain and I have to say that the fps was not as bad if that was the case. I may end up getting one of those cards if more maps like these came out, although I have no idea where I would be able to fit it. Having those fans on my 8800GTs eats up two slots. I guess I'd have to wait until I could upgrade to one Ultra card.


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                      Gday, yeah i should cook it for the PS3 maybe with some modifications with optimising in mind.
                      I don't have a Phys card, but i found if you have "castdynamicshadow" on it barely runs with only a few physics meshes. I have it turned off on all of them, kind of a weigh up "pretty vs fun"


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                        my system is not even close to top of the line, but the performance is actually pretty good. yes, my fps did go down to 10 a few times, but this was when I was playing with 31 bots, and looking directly at all the action and lego flying everywhere.

                        it's really cool playing this map and it will be fun playing games like this in the future with full physics and graphics. very promising technology.

                        anyway, i love the map and I look forward to your other lego physics maps if you decide to make some more


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                          Damn I love legos....Especially destroying them.


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                            Have you tried cooking any PhysX maps on PS3, or are you assuming they wouldn't work? Cuz I think the PS3 has some form of PhysX built in to it's graphics card. I don't know that by any means, but I DO know that half the PS3 games I own have a "PhysX by Ageia" screen as one of the opening credit screens. Though it's probably just a tool alot of devs use to develop with.


                            • #15
                              Hm, this makes me appreciate my physx card. Performance is almost 100% solid.

                              Don't worry, all 8-series cards will be able to handle maps like this soon =) Some map-makers might wanna get a head start.