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CTF-Kokki [FINAL] [PC]

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    CTF-Kokki [FINAL] [PC]

    Alright, after a long time in beta, I'm finally done with this map!


    Name: CTF-Kokki
    Author: Mark 'Gonk' Fanucci
    Release date: 2/11/08
    Type: CTF
    Players: 8-16

    CTF-Kokki is a very large, very open map that is essentially a Sniper's playground. The Sniper Rifle and Shock Rifle are very, very powerful here. If you don't watch your step you will be very, very dead.

    Special Thanks

    - Entil'Zha for cooking up the initial Keg spawning script in Kismet. You did an amazing job creating what is probably the best Kismet hack I've ever seen.
    - AnubanUT2 for cooking the map for the PS3, only to repeatedly be frustrated by that platform's inability to load the map. E for Effort, and thank you regardless!
    - Hourences for his tutorials.
    - Everyone on these forums for the various discussions I found useful.
    - Epic for UT3 and UED. I love UED so much...

    I've added a few things since the final beta (beta 4), so I'll just plagiarize my own readme, because I'm lazy:

    - Small amount of additional detail work.
    - Bot pathing refinements.
    - Weapon spawn changes:
    - Rocket Launcher/Flak moved outside the bases.
    - Sniper Rifle moved to second floor of bases.
    - Link Gun moved inside bases, on ground floor.
    - Stinger Minigun moved to second floor of bases.
    - The chokepoint doors leading into and out of the flag area of each base are now somewhat less cramped, making it a little easier to get out with the flag, and a little harder to defend.
    - Fire Emitters now clearly designate where the Keg O' Health is currently spawned. You can see tell where it is at a glance now!
    - Minor lighting changes
    - Added some more ammunition to the exterior mid-level path around the outside of the central building. It felt like there wasn't enough of a reason to go that way.
    - Added a few more team-colored arrow indicators (but not too many) to alleviate any confusion about where you're headed.
    I've tested it with both the old 1.1 patch, and the 1.2 beta patch, and it works fine. The bots are a bit less stupid with 1.2.

    Gameplay Tips

    - The Shield Belt is on the bottom floor of the central building, and fairly easy to grab on your way back to your base with the flag.
    - The Keg O' Health is off on its own seperate rock island, which you can only reach by using your translocator. When you hear a gong sound, you'll know that it has spawned. The dragon statues on the proper island will spew flames when the Keg is spawned there!
    - The Keg O' Health alternates. It will never be up in both places at once. When you grab it on one island, it will next spawn on the opposite island. The Fire-belching dragons are the easiest way to know where it is spawned!
    PS3 Owners

    I'm sorry, but the map just would not load on the PS3. Anuban tried very hard to get it to load, but it would crash every single time. There's not much I can do to alleviate that except radically changing the map's design, which I'm just not willing to do. If at some point in the future it becomes possible to get this map running on the PS3, I'll certainly make sure that happens, but right now it's just not going to.




    PC DOWNLOAD HERE (Filefront)

    There is no PS3 version available. Sorry.

    There is no download link by the way.


      Nice looking map, but repost the download link, it doesn't work


        Oh god, I am dumb. Sorry, link is now fixed.


          sweet! been waiting since Beta 1

          d/ling now!


            Congrats man on releasing the final of this really nice level, and thanks for the acknowledgment even though I was unable to get a successful version out. I really wish Epic had more documentation for these types of issues when a level cooks fine with no errors or major warnings but still won't work.


              Sooooo this is a remake of Shangri-La? I don't see what is so original about this map.


                I like the map and it's be no means a remake of Shangri-La sure it uses the same materials and the theme is the same, the layout, buildings and even the game style is very different.

                The sniper rifle comes in very handy.


                  Thanks for the map and your work here Gonk.

                  Saw the screens and thought download


                    finally released !

                    this is one of my favorite CTF map
                    thank you !
                    cant wait to see your next map !


                      Very nice looks. Now testing...


                        Great Work, very fun map...Thanx


                          I had lots of fun playing this map, definatly one of my favourite CTF maps. Great mix of long range sniping with clearing long distances with the translocator with close combat action. Only complaint is that bots sometimes like to stand on the armor spawn completely idle, as if preparing to switch to translocator but don't.


                            Man, what a fantastic CTF map, too bad this one dont work for the PS3, but well done @ the creator!


                              Originally posted by prdgm View Post
                              Sooooo this is a remake of Shangri-La? I don't see what is so original about this map.
                              Shang is a DM map, this has a different layout and it's CTF it looks cool so can your negative comments.