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Elite Machines xiv ZARK Weap Pack [Pix]

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    Elite Machines xiv ZARK Weap Pack [Pix]

    Weapon Pack: Elite Machines

    Version: XIV - PC UT3

    Author: *PingFre@K*

    Website: don't have one sorry

    EliteMachines_XIV is a continuance of Beta VI the First Full version release for UT3.
    Please send questions, concerns, advise or feedback to

    Caution: This Weapon Pack may be overwhelming.
    It was originally designed to be used in large maps
    with fast movement speed.

    What the Mutator Does:
    Full weapon replacement by adding the mutator via the mutator list...
    ZARK based Weapons
    2 Super Wapons
    1 default Translocator, The TransElite.
    Added to the mutator is the Q_HitSound and Show Damage.
    You can change the TossZ and Speed of the Translocator Puck in the .ini file
    As well, you can change default weapons.

    (So, let's say you like 4 of these weapons and your buddy
    has a fav' in a separate pack,
    you also just made a nifty little some gun;
    well, you can use this for any replacement if you'd like in the .ini)
    (Or, if you'd rather start with a different gun or make an arena with
    1,2 or 3 weapons... well, you get the idea.)

    The Sniper Lx / camo exterior Full Zark Weapon Feel.

    While the Tiger Zark has much of the same feel as the LX.
    Their big brother The Redeem Machine Has a whopping nuclear warhead for a bullet.

    Elite Machines is not for the faint at heart. There is enough fire power to take on a quorum in Invasion.

    But why not just take out a quorum with this handy little Goliath Cannon.
    The Rockets Pound down like an anvil from the heavens.

    The default weapons come dueled with a surprising Secondary fire similar to the Razor Jack.

    Speaking of Duals.. Most of these weapons are dual equip able.
    Just grab a second weapon and use 2; Twice the fire rate twice the fun.

    The new Link Gun Twist, is the Lucifer Rifle.
    Secondary fire not only proves useful on the Warfare battle field using it's 90 degree radius beam strength;
    But wields An Instant Death Ray to slice your enemies into pieces.

    There are a few other weapons Like the Elite Impact Hammer
    that does a smaller amount of damage to yourself while pushing you even further than before.
    And The explosive radius of the Shock, Rocket, Redeemer and Bio MODs.
    Which use Display color to warn you if you are going to damage yourself when you fire..Also,

    The new Trans Elite is configurable in the .ini file the only adjustments that can be made are for
    Toss Z and speed
    Comes in Team Colors as well.

    Many more specifics can be found on the weapons "IN GAME'
    To get detailed information on the weapons:
    Start UT3...
    Goto --> Settings
    --> Weapons
    --> Weapon Priority
    --> Highlight the weapon for detailed information

    There is Server information and details how to get the mutator
    playable inside the README.

    The Headshot announcements Have been removed from this version
    There is intention to use the option as a separate mutator.
    The Mutator makes 42 different announcements when you kill someone,
    Alternatively, when you get killed there are 12 different announcements.
    When you score a Telefrag; the announcement is GoaL !! (not included)

    Known Issues/Bugs Version XIV:
    Show Damage shows twice self inflicted damage. (Because you do 1/2 to yourself?)
    3rd person Alternating muzzle flash on Enforcer (1) not showing up
    (Range Display on Zoom) measure is offset looking over edges.
    Achieve a 'Rocket Scientist' using Sniper Lx Base hit over 15 kills.
    While 'Headshot Damage' still produces a 'Head Hunter'.
    Scrolling thru weapons then hot key back to Trans loosing functionality.
    scroll more weapons or use hotkey repeatedly to recover lost trans.

    Install Notes Version XIV:
    The installer was made with 7zip archiver as an sfx volume.
    It's an exe file that askes what directory to install files to..
    Select: My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\

    Version: XI_BETA - PC

    Version: XIV - PC
    4.3 meg: This version crashes online Look for the new version

    Version: XV - PC Newest Version!!!

    cant wait for a possible ps3 cook, if your willing to do that.


      PS3 Cook is probable; gimme some time to figure out what it's gonna take/ as far as replacing sounds ect...
      Most likely it will be a completely different version since there will be quite abit of changes.
      I'll have to look into how much memory this takes up with the textures and all to see if they will also need dumbed down..
      I don't have a PS3 so I really don't know. Pending on How much different it will be the may even be another 'relaxed' version for the PC.
      Ya, I know us PC owners get all the stuff don't we?


        cool, cant wait. I hope you get it to work cause im ready for some new modified weaponry.


          did you fix the knockback? by fix i mean tone down? the tiger zark was unbareable in its ability to fling hellbenders..


            really nice work !!! make game more fun !

            thank you ! took some ingame shots


              Ha! Nice looking Hi-res shots BuffyTheSlayer thanks!
              Yes, the knock back has been drastically reduced...
              In my testing however there's not much to be done for the manta/ it still gets tossed around pretty good.

              I thought some of the animated textures were pretty cool.

              EDIT: it looks like the installer works great; This may be the new way to set up distrobutions..
              Although, I personally don't feel comfortable using an exe. But it makes installation so much easier.


                certainly adds a different aspect to the game. good work


                  oh man pingfreak, its perfect, everything i disliked about the first release is gone. you even put a realistic flash on the LX. thank you, your awesome.

                  EDIT: not that i even use it but whats up with the transelite? it doesnt fire very far.


                    I had someone say it was to powerful so i toned it down//
                    luckily you can crank it back up to 3200 ~ 3500 speed in the .ini file..
                    Thanks for pointing that out.. Glad you like it.


                      Hey buffy whered you get spawn from?


                        it in here full release

                        Originally posted by Darthdrewmungus View Post
                        Hey buffy whered you get spawn from?


                          This is just great fun
                          dual combo's are crazy!
                          I really like the lucifer gun its badass
                          and verry nice shotsounds when using the sniper lx
                          keep it up


                            HOly ****~!

                            Bots make awsome use of this weapon pack... I just got slaughtered! Great weapons.


                              Nice Ping! You rock! can't wait to get it up on our servers when they are ready!