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UltraInstagib: [Update 05/24/2008 V. 1.71]

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    OMG. i love you.

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  • started a topic UltraInstagib: [Update 05/24/2008 V. 1.71]

    UltraInstagib: [Update 05/24/2008 V. 1.71]

    Author : HO0815XX
    Version : 1.71
    Release Date : 05.04.2008
    Game : UT 3 1.2
    Credits : Me, Parser for his WeaponTexturepack, Epic, and especially
    ResidentEvil and {HCG}Sniper for his help.

    VersionInfo :
    1.0 - Initial-Version
    1.1 - Included Config-Screen
    1.2 - Little internal tweaks
    1.3 - Removed the crappy string in head of the
    Configuration-Screen (seen in Mr.Evil's Gibalicious),
    added parameter in the configfile to deactivate
    my >lovely skin< (Suggestion by ElDiablo2k3)
    1.4 - Added 3 firesounds, selectable in the config-screen
    (Suggestion by ResidentEvil), and put a variable
    in the ini-file for setting the teammateboost
    (Suggestion by ElDiablo2k3)
    1.5 - Updated Config-Screen (All Ini-File-Parameters included)
    1.51- Inserted Parameter for disable Weapon-Throwing after dead
    (Is in Config-Screen, suggested by {HCG}Sniper).
    Fixed Original-Beam doesn't show (fault by me), and also
    removed the 2. FireRate (during testing I've found it's useless)
    1.6 - Internal Test-Version
    1.7 - Make it online work (hopefully).
    Included ClearZoom and allowable PowerUps (suggested by ResidentEvil).
    1.71- Fixed a bug : ClearZoom doesn't work online.

    Put the .u and .upk files in your ..\UTGame\CookedPC\ directory and
    the .ini file in your ..\UTGame\Config\ directory.
    If you have multiple users in Windows, make sure you use the proper My Games directory.

    If you use >-nohomedir< put the files in the same place in your Game-Install-Directory.

    Description :
    It's simply a another InstagibMutator. The UltraInstagibRifle has more Power,
    increased Firerate (adjustable in the Configure-Screen), Zoom, Headshotcapatibility (or so..)
    and a decent modified Weaponskin (based of my old UT2003-ShockSniperRifle).

    I have made this to survive Galtanors-Invasion and Rodney Powers UT3Invasion too.
    UT3Invasion doesnt work with Instagib-Mutators (Monsters have no Weapons).
    So you must replace any Weapon with UltraInstagibRifle with EPIC's Weaponreplace-Mutator,
    to go Monsterhunting.
    Galtanors-Invasion now works with any Instagib-Mutator.

    Have phun !

    Download (PC):

    PS: PS3-Cooking is impossible (ConfigScreen/CustomSound)