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  • War-Azeraw

    Name: War-Azeraw
    Version: Final
    Compatibility: UT3 (PC)
    Gametype: Warfare
    Description: "Remake" of ONS-Azeraw from Unreal Tournament 2004. Original UT2004 Version By Zeraw dont know how to contact him.

    *Heres a map i converted over from UT2004 this map is a blood bath just like in UT2004 hope you all enjoy it


    *PC Download: Click Map Name War-Azeraw

    *PS3 Download: War-Azeraw-PS3

  • #2
    no screenshot no download


    • #3
      lol did u bother letting the page load before posting that comment the pic is on the post here


      • #4
        Originally posted by paaawau View Post
        no screenshot no download
        I think people just like saying the obvious. But this guy got ahead of him self. You didn't even edit your post and you can tell it was there before he posted.

        Anways... I don't like the idea of having a bunch of vehicle's infront of the core like that, not a map for me.

        ~Death Dream~


        • #5
          PS3 Tools (make sure you have the 1.1 patch)

          Just a thought on the map though, It looks pretty simple and unfinished. Just because it's a remake does not mean you need to leave out detail.

          More meshes to spice it up would be great.


          • #6
            Some more screens pls, this one doesn't show much mb that's why this topic isn't very popular


            • #7
              War-Azeraw-PS3 was added to the first post thanx GOW_Nootsac for cooking it for PS3


              • #8
                i dont think this map is/was supposed to look nice. its a total spam-fest map meant for just classic UT carnage


                • #9
                  Very fun map 2 play (PS3)....Nonstop action


                  • #10
                    Can anyone recommend a good player load range for this one? I'm really bad with Warfare maps.


                    • #11
                      yes, this one’s a total spamfest and it looks just as good as ONS UT2004 original or better and that’s all that’s needed. It’s fun for what it is and shouldn’t be criticized for what it isn’t.