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Spawn model for UT3 ver. 1.52 - fixed arm idle bug

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    Also that screenshot is from the "News and Information" forum section. Go to the "Models and Files" section and life will be much easier.

    That seems to be the problem:
    Models and Files section?

    At this point I'm going to guess that in order to find it I need to register. If so, there is no clue on the site that additional content is available for registered users. Of course I would expect to have to register if I want to post to the forums or possibly to take advantage of downloadable material. However, unmentioned hidden content is not a general assumption that I make when I find myself at a forum site. Further, when I visit a site I am not in the habit of registering unless there seems to be a point to it. I was not finding anything that even seemed close to what I was looking for, so I did not see a point in registering.

    Anyway, that's where I have been coming from. So, 'grats on the new job. I'll hope that patch 1.3 gets released during our lifetimes and otherwise look forward to Spawn getting completed.


      Register becuase I personally support everything I make. Take it or leave it.
      I do this to control who posts to my site and who doesn't as I am not gonna let people post there or view content and suck up bandwidth I'm paying for if they don't want to take the 2 min to register. Its free and its safe. I'm not gonna hack your pc :P


        Ok, will do.


          Hmm... I would like to register, but don't you think it's a little bit over the top to require all passwords to be mixed-case and to contain numbers? This is a forum, we're talking about, right? It's not the Pentagon.


            Beggers can't be choosers...


              I'm looking for a cape!

              Originally posted by EvilEngine View Post
              Cape was tested during beta stage and heres the negatives of a cape:

              1. It blocks the view of the model by 99.95%. All you see is a hand or part of an elbow. Why block the art with something as meaningless as the cape anyways? Watch the Spawn movie, the cape is dynamic and only comes out at certain times.
              2. The rigging and animation of the cape would be too time consuming and impossible right now becuase anything custom just doesn't work right. I tried using physics bones and that worked a little bit, but again... the cape blocked the view of the actual model and seeing a big red rectangle running around isnt fun to look at.

              Some day I will make an animation where the cape will spring to life and show itself and do some funky things. I can hide the cape inside the body of the spawn mesh and when an animation is called it will show the cape.

              As for PS3 stuff, like I told the guys at my forum I will not make any PS3 stuff until Epic fixes all bugs. If someone volunteered to do the cooking your welcomed to do it , just let me know ahead of time and I will make sure it gets used by everyone.
              Hey! My clan has been working on a super man mod... it gives you invulnerability, U-damage, super berserk for 30 seconds after destroying five orbs. It's a nice little reward for your heroism. Anyway... we've been taking about making a cape for it and yesterday i stumbled across this post. Do you think you could help us out with that? We're on PS3 btw but alot of us are on the PC too so we'd be able to cook it... if the PS3 will allow it. Please post or send me a PM and i'll try to hook you up with our clan mod teck. Your help would be very much appreciated!

              keep up the good work!


                omg wen i downloded ur skin all my other skins were gone and urs still doesnt work!! why is my skins gone?


                  could u put spawn on another website those two original download sites wont work for me.


                    I'll see what I can do. Kinda busy at the moment, but I will find something like mediafire or a better place to upload it to. Or one of the Ut3 fansites.


                      Originally posted by NANOBLACK View Post
                      We're on PS3 btw but alot of us are on the PC too so we'd be able to cook it... if the PS3 will allow it.
                      The problem with a PS3 version is that the cape would most likely need to have custom physics and that cannot be accomplished without using custom family code and currently this is not a function that the PS3 version allows for.

                      Edit: Buffy created a new link for this model (PC only) so make sure you folks thank her if you use it.




                        Thanks for the character, it looks great.

                        Unfortunately when I have the custom gibs file installed UT3 crashes when trying to load any character (through the character selection menu, I didn't try playing a game).

                        Any idea what might be causing this? Maybe I just need to play aroud with the installation.

                        Just to confirm: I installed by just copying across the UTGame folder. I now have ini entries in my standard UTCustomChar.ini and an UTCustomChar.ini in the CustomChars sub-folder. Is this correct or should I delete one of them?

                        Thanks for the help.


                          Can I get this from my PS3?


                            UT Unlimited + Fileworks mirrors v1.52

                            Make sure someone tells me if there's ever a PS3 cook of this. I'll update UTU and fileworks



                              Must has for PS3 because me epic comic nerd!