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Shade's Sky Dome Textures (Need some more sky options?)

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  • Shade's Sky Dome Textures (Need some more sky options?)

    Most of these sky dome textures are HUGE (4096x1024) and are a little more colorful than the stock package's.

    Need an overcast Day? Got it. Overcast, creepy almost black night? Sure thing. A misty morning in a magical glade? You're covered. Dawn on the beach? Yeah, it in there. Storms on the Horizon? Yes sirree!

    Lots more too.

    Easy to use: Just import the texture and plug the texture sample into both the Diffuse and Emmisive channels of the material you create then apply the material to one of the stock sky domes.

    Make sure to turn off shadows for the sky dome mesh and there ya go.

    Example Textures (are much smaller than actual textures):

    Total new sky images: 16

    Download it here: (32MB zip)

    Additional .ase Mesh ready for import, has better UVW mapping for these textures: [37.41 KB]

    Credits: My friend "OG of CG" (lol @ his 'in-cognito' name) (for the original skybox textures) and myself for reassembling the pieces and scaling them for use with the UT3 skydome mesh.

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    Wow. Congrat. very nice.. i love them all.
    did you make them ShadeMistress ?


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      These were given to me by a friend of mine as skybox textures for a 3D rendering project I was doing. I just reassembled them in Photoshop to work with a dome mesh (they were in 5 pieces and oddly stretched).

      I got his okay to package them up after he heard me complaining about the lack of sky materials and said he didn't care if he got credited (since he's a CG video buff and not so much a gamer) so Kudos to him for the original textures. I just made them compatible for UT3.


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        Woah, very nice, thanks.


        • #5
          great. thank him from Epic fans !!!


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            Yes!! please do... its soo hard to get a good sky texture.

            thank you!


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              Thanks to you and your friend.There is a lack of sky textures and these are a nice contribution.


              • #8
                Very nice of you; a different sky can go a long way to differentiate a map even if its only made from stock materials.


                • #9
                  I like them. We definitely need more options for brightly lit outdoor maps.


                  • #10
                    Oh man I want these bad, but the link has expired?


                    • #11
                      ^Yes could we please get an updated link? These look too good not to have.


                      • #12
                        I will update in a few days and also have a custom skydome that wraps these textures much nicer than the stock skydome (it's much lower-poly as well, not that you can tell when it's the sky though)... just need to sort out all of my textures and crap, the folder's getting a little hard to manage as I tend to dump tons of unused crap in there and it tends to pile up fast.


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                          okay I know double post, but I went ahead and added both the textures and the mesh to the OP.


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                            cool, nice work, thx !


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                              Thanks Shade! You're great about sharing content, and it's very much appreciated!