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    DM-Pure [Final (Revised)][Pics][Download PC/PS3]

    Map name: DM-Pure
    Version: FINAL + Revision
    Author: Brits_Hit



    I've also re-cooked a version with no deployables, because they've been giving PS3 users issues...

    DOWNLOAD (PS3, NO Deployables):


    Description: In light of the HOLP (Hardcore Oldskool Low Poly) map pack being released, I decided to try my hand at a UT3 map in the same vein. When I first started it was more of an effort to re-familiarize myself with Unreal ED, since I haven't used the new editor.
    Once I started making the map though, I came up with a pretty cool idea for the layout and after playing I found it was a helluva lot of fun.

    EDIT(02/03): *Revision changes*

    -Bots are fully supported and use every area of the map.
    -changed the music
    -swapped the keg-o-health for a U-damage
    -cooked the map properly for both PC and PS3

    Feedback would be appreciated.

    Thanks for downloading, and enjoy.



    Now this is a map I would enjoy playing. Ill wait for the PS3 version.


      If anyone would like to volunteer and cook a PS3 version that would be great. Right now I'm having trouble with the cooking process...

      If you're successful in cooking it, please either post the link in this thread so I can put it in the first post or just PM me the link. Thanks.

      EDIT: I've cooked the map for PS3. Unfortunately I cannot test it since I don't own PS3. Please give me feedback on whether it works fine or not guys.


        Looks awesome, cant wait to try it!!


          Wow! The deployables were such a pleasant surprise. Setting up the slow field by one of the jump pads was the first time I've ever seen a use for that thing! SO satisfying to line up a headshot on someone coming through the slow field.

          Can't wait to play this online with a team-- then those can get used for some strategy

          One of my favorite maps yet!


            wheres AnubanUT2 when you need him?..he cooks a lot of maps for the feeling the layout of this map...cant wait until its cooked for the ps3


              Originally posted by Nagis View Post
              That's exactly what I said out loud when I saw the pics. Very cool looking map, can't wait to check it out.


                nice map !



                  I don't like really in NW, but in instagib it's fun ^^
                  Thx for this map.


                    Thanx for the map. I would like to give it a go but i cant seem to download. If i follow your link, all i can do is leave a comment on filefront.


                      Originally posted by k!ckZz View Post
                      Thanx for the map. I would like to give it a go but i cant seem to download. If i follow your link, all i can do is leave a comment on filefront.
                      Yeah, I think there's something wrong with filefront, had the same thing when I tried to dl some other map a couple minutes ago.


                        Just play it, really fun, love this arena, especially the startplayer with jumpad, good job on it


                          Thanks for all the comments guys, I'm glad you're having fun with the map.

                          I went for fun gameplay over visuals, but it turns out I've pleased both crowds.

                          I thought the deployables would be a nice surprise too.

                          I'm going to look into the pathnoding right now and see if anything needs changed, so I may release an updated version soon.

                          EDIT: I've cooked the map for PS3.. see first post.

                          I'll update this thread with more info soon.


                            Nice map, going up on our server asap....

                            Thanks man...



                              I fixed the bot support, swapped the health keg for a u-damage, changed the music to something more fitting and also cooked the map for both PC and PS3 properly.

                              PS3 users please let me know if the map runs properly since I have no way of testing it.


                              Feedback is always appreciated (no doubt after the Super Bowl is over)