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DM-FlatWars [new FIXED EDITION!!!] [95% custom content!!!] [mini-me] [PC & PS3]

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    I just tried this map in with Galtanor's Invasion, it's an absolute blast! I highly recommend it for any Invasion modes out there guys, it's really awesome, it reminds of my Invasion days in UT2004, all maps I played Invasion on in UT2004 were bigs-scale living rooms and kitchens and backyards and so forth, we need more really big and open ended maps like this for us Invasion players around.


      Bump! - Good looking map.

      Great large-scaled map that showed up in his living room (after Christmas). Cool textures, effects, lighting, visuals and atmosphere in the luxury. There is also an awesome Xbox 360 mesh, candles, speakers, widescreen TV, Christmas Tree, pictures, candy canes and others (thank god I've never explored few things alike). Too many Sniper Rifles, portals and jumppads for the higher level; if you still care about sniping, doesn't mean that you're trying to get shoot the bot's head but you'll intended to focus on how to aim perfectly (gosh I never blind). Good gameplay, z-axis laziness and the bots seems frequently good; especially the framerate is going to be extend upwards, downwards and vice versa.

      One working link for PC:

      One working link for PS3:


        Thanks for the new links Real awesome map



          Could you possibly re upload this level because I really want to play this!!! XD


            2 posts before your post.
            Check the full thread before requesting a re-upload, please.