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DM-FlatWars [new FIXED EDITION!!!] [95% custom content!!!] [mini-me] [PC & PS3]

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    DM-FlatWars [new FIXED EDITION!!!] [95% custom content!!!] [mini-me] [PC & PS3]

    Fixed Edition:

    Name: DM-FlatWars
    (I'll also make VDM, CTF and VCTF version of this map too!)

    Version: Final (1.0)

    Compatibility: Any version of UT3

    Description: My second map ever. Fight in my kitchen and living room. Watch out for snipers!

    Very good for instagib / lowgrav , but playable without this mutators!

    This map tooks me a lot of my free time- next map absolutely will be smaller :P !

    Changelog (beta 3 > final):
    - Added subtly postprocess to the level
    - cooker is now open
    - a lot of small changes (retexturing, lighting, bot paths, etc.)
    - new preview image
    - music (from Deck)

    Know bugs:
    - Wind effect on Christmas Tree

    Google for some textures, for some free models

    New screenshots:

    Download DM-FlatWars: (43 MB)(PC)

    Download DM-FlatWarsPS3: (21 MB)(PS3)

    Other levels by author:
    DM-Bedroom -
    My first map ever. Mini-me style too.

    haha. this looks great. i love these mini-player maps. definately dl'ing this one


      Flak fire, Rockets, Sniper fire, and link plasmas in your living room is not a good thing.


        Wow the full release, awesome! I've DL'd every beta version so it's a no-brainer to get this one. Thanks a lot for the time you put into this map, it's a lot of fun. I don't think there's anyone who hasn't liked it.


          This is a great map! I played a round and I have not been to all the places in the map yet. How many units are you using from the floor to the ceiling? Huge. I did not notice any bugs other than the one you mentioned about the tree. There are some weird shadows on some of the custom models like eggs, mugs, and such. I don't think there is much you can do about it though. Awesome job. I can't wait to see your future maps.


            Think about "Warfare mini-me"


              Fuzz, I don't know, how to measure units, but yes- it is huge. Too huge for me :P (a loooooot of work). I know that some shadows on eggs, mugs, etc. are 'strange' and I have no idea how to change it Maybe in VDM version I make better shadows - I will try, promise

              Darth_mail, mapę Warfare w stylu mini-me mam w planach, ale narazie skupiam się na wersji vDM i vCTF FlatWarsów

              Grinchy, Raziel- thanks for nice opinions!


                The improvements you've made are insanely good. I hate to admit I just spent 30 minutes walking around by myself in this map. Just checking out all the new areas, routes, ect. The spidermines...very cool

                Everything is just so perfect. This will be the map I use to show off the PS3 mods to my buddies. I know you said this is the final and you want to move on to other maps(don't blame you at all), but I thought I'd at least let you know that the lift right next to the sink doesn't seem to work. It's the one directly left of the faucet.

                Also I noticed that if you use the Uberboard you fall through the couch. That obviously is no big deal. I can't say enough good about this map. The pizza cooking in the oven, the eggs frying in the pan, it's all so good.


                  This is gonna be awesome when the 64 player update comes in


                    what to say? This map looked awsome and I spent the entire 20 min round walking around there by myself.

                    probably going to be though getting over the floor if there is any other players around though


                      Wow looks good but is that really your living room lol?


                        That area with the bricks looks really odd. I would resize the entrances so that they look more like bricks are missing, rather than having there be weird square holes cut into the middles of multiple bricks, and not matching up with the outline of any of them. Texture alignment with geometry is an important part of making a map look polished.


                          Monkey, I was making everything to make good aligment on them, but all brick textures from UT3 'are strange'. This is hard to explain- there are 'moving' with the actor.

                          Don't get me wrong- this map was in beta section for a looooong time (about 1,5 month?). If you want more quality maps, simply visit beta section and test them


                            Dude, this is a awesome map, but there is a MAJOR glitch in it! no-one seems to have noticed, but if you do the "Feign Death" thing or get on your hoverboard (with the Uberboard mutator) on the sofa, you either die, or fall into it. I know this is a final version, but it would be awesome if you could sort this out. 10/10


                              There is a per-poly collision od sofa- this glitch "is in" uber-board mutator, not in DM-FlatWars