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CaptainSnarf's Modded Vehicles v9 [pc][ps3][pics][Update 4/16/09]

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    CaptainSnarf's Modded Vehicles v9 [pc][ps3][pics][Update 4/16/09]

    For the PC platform, a vehicle replacement mutator is provided in combination with a package full of custom vehicles that are compatible with the vehicle replacement mutator. This allows the vehicles to be used on all the vehicle maps. Independent of the vehicle replacement mutator is the trickboard mutator which will replace the default hoverboard with the trickboard vehicle. The same goes for the Powerboard mutator. Also included are all of my maps that are cooked with these vehicles, which include HydroExtractor, MinusTankMeUp, Synapse, and TanksForPlaying.

    PC Snarf Modded Vehicles V9 (354 MB) (zip file, includes vehicle replacement mutator):

    PS3 Modded Vehicles V9 HERE:

    Thanks to euchreplayer23 for making the individual mutators for each vehicle!


    Josh "CaptainSnarf" Turpen, euchreplayer23, Gorzakk, Big-Al-B, BGE, Omnip)o(tentS, usuckonline, sayunkle

    Name: Aegis
    Base Vehicle: Paladin
    Description: 2x shield size, 2x fire rate

    Name: Albatros
    Base Vehicle: Cicada
    Description: Heavy bomber plane

    Name: Assault Bender
    Base Vehicle: Hell Bender
    Description: Hell Bender with machine guns and nemesis like weapon

    Name: Ballista
    Base Vehicle: Goliath
    Description: Sniper tank

    Name: BioTank
    Base Vehicle: Goliath
    Description: Slow heavy globs of bio goo everywhere

    Name: Cerberus
    Base Vehicle: Scavenger
    Description: Mini Darkwalker with yellow laser turret and fragmentation bomb secondary

    Name: Forager
    Base Vehicle: Darkwalker
    Description: Scavenger's big brother, three way scavenger shot

    Name: Gorgon
    Base Vehicle: Leviathan
    Description: two seat mini levithan, stinger for primary, mega stinger shard for deployed, 4 way stinger turret for 2nd seat

    Name: Hellbender Deluxe
    Base Vehicle: Hellbender
    Description: Hellbender with smoother handling and a 'twin beam' style rear turret. When driving, press space to lock the door. Locking the door kicks out any passenger, leaving you free to take the rear turret and snipe without fear of a teammate driving off in your bender.

    Name: Hornet
    Base Vehicle: Manta
    Description: Flying Manta with machine guns

    Name: IonTank
    Base Vehicle: Goliath
    Description: Similar to the Ion Tank from UT2K4. Primary fire is like the leviathan, secondary is for close range and is similar to the paladin shield blast.

    Name: Kraits
    Base Vehicle: Viper
    Description: Viper with scorpion like attack for primary, secondary drops a huge slow volume, no self destruct allowed

    Name: Kraken
    Base Vehicle: Leviathan
    Description: Super leviathan, the most powerful snarf vehicle. Fully deployed this thing is not to be messed with
    Primary = homing missles
    Deployed = Mega yellow levi blast
    Seat 2 = avril / remote redeemer
    Seat 3 = Forager like attack
    Seat 4 = charge beam attack
    Seat 5 = Yellow shock turret

    Name: Mandrake
    Base Vehicle: Nightshade
    Description: Smaller/faster nightshade with large bomb attack, no deployables, more offensive style play

    Name: MegaSPAM
    BaseVehicle: Hellfire SPMA
    Description: More shells and explosion effects for the SPMA. This thing hurts

    Name: Minotaur
    BaseVehicle: Goliath
    Description: a.k.a. Super Tank, massive tank with enormous splash damage, red laser turret for secondary. NO NOOBS IN THE MINO

    Name: Nautilus
    BaseVehicle: Cicada
    Description: 'flying leviathan', massive flying machine with twin leviathan blast for gunner seat

    Name: Owl
    BaseVehicle: Raptor
    Description: Fast but weak raptor with viper weapon as primary and slow seeking rockets of doom for secondary, rockets lock on all targets not just vehicles

    Name: Rattler
    BaseVehicle: Scorpion
    Description: Invisible scorpion with charge beam attack

    Name: Spanker
    BaseVehicle: Scorpion
    Description: Fast scorpion with momentum style projectile. Kills them not by damage but by flinging them across the map/into wall.

    Name: Tantalus
    BaseVehicle: Fury
    Description: Fury with red laser primary, yellow shock ball secondary, no boosters

    Name: Themis
    BaseVehicle: Nemesis
    Description: Instahit yellow shock balls

    Not pictured -

    Name: Powerboard
    BaseVehicle: Hoverboard
    Description: Hoverboard that shoots rockets

    Name: Trickboard
    BaseVehicle: Hoverboard
    Description: Faster hoverboard with good jump, faster spin, and ability to tow other hoverboards and trickboards. Double tap forward to boost!




    - rebuild and recook for 2.0 patch
    - adjust albatros camera view
    - make albatros primary follow look, much more useful now
    - fixed albatros factory collision cylinder, it should no longer go flying when it spawns
    - fixed ballista sound cue
    - fixed iontank secondary online
    - changed pickup for powerboard/trickboard, it's no longer the invisibility pickup
    - fixed kraken sound cue
    - fixed mandrake crashing due to changed property settings in patch 2.0
    - reduced nautilus size & improved handling
    - increase themis weapon damage & radius
    - increase rate of fire for gorgon primary undeployed
    - improve gorgon secondary aim & reduce damage
    - reduce owl rocket size
    - added more kickback to ballista primary
    - added meshes for all vehicles to vehicle packages, they now show up correctly in the editor

    Because all packages must be cooked together in order to work online, I also added
    my maps to the package (sorry for the increased size ):


    - added healzones to MinusTankMeUp-snarf-v9
    - fixed healzones on TanksForPlaying-snarf-v9 for biotanks
    - added summon codes to the readme file

    - lower sound volume of kraken beam turret, biotank laser, minotaur laser
    - Fix tracer line from forager during online session
    - partial fix for tracer line from kraken forager turret during online session
    - fix rattler cloaking during online session
    - fixed many warnings/errors appearing in log window (but not all ...)
    - fixed bug causing player to get trapped in nautilus
    - make kraken avril turret rockets only lock vehicles
    - slowed down kraken avril turret fire rate
    - fix mandrake cloak when firing during online session
    - fixed bug with vehicle replacment mutator not saving it's configuration
    - Added Windows Installer package for easy install / upgrade
    - cooked all packages. V7 packages are uncooked and will fail with cooked maps.

    - added new textures and materials for most vehicles
    - added new particle systems for most vehicles
    - added new sound cues for some weapons
    - added boost to trickboard. double tap forward to boost
    - adjust aegis shield size
    - give rattler hellbender deluxe style gun
    - give ballista gunner hellbender deluxe style gun
    - slow down biotank secondary spam
    - reduce forager damage
    - made gorgon possible to drive while deployed
    - update hellbenderdeluxe to display "deluxe" in name when entered
    - increase hornet damage
    - increase mandrake bomb drop speed
    - increase themis combo damage
    - slow down kraits
    - increase mandrake rez time
    - increase rattler rez time
    - change minotaur handling/mass
    - give tantalus shock turret weapon
    - removed minotaur 3rd seat (broken online)
    - Added kraken vehicle

    - Fixed IonTank beam during online session
    - Fixed Nautilus beam during online session
    - added hellbender deluxe vehicle


    -adjusted albatros aim
    -improved forager attack range and turn/aim ability
    -fixed albatros muzzleflash
    -fixed nautilus muzzleflash
    -increase nautilus mobility
    -fixed themis support in vehicle mutator
    -added owl vehicle
    -added aegis vehicle, shield increased over minustankmeup-snarf-beta1 version
    -added minotaur vehicle, third seat adjusted, different particle effects from minustankmeup-snarf-beta1 version
    -added tantalus vehicle
    -added iontank vehicle
    -added ballista vehicle
    -fixed nautilus pilot aim ability, adjust fire rate accordingly
    -weakened rattler, less health and less damage

    -added vehicle replacement mutator
    -adjusted mandrake explosion/damage effects
    -adjusted themis damage
    -moved gorgon on snarfalanche map

    -fix bullet death issue for cerberus
    -added forager
    -added kraits
    -added mandrake
    -added powerboard
    -added themis
    -fixed gorgon shields


    -fix freezing on PS3
    -tweaked Nautilus viewport
    -tweaked Nautilus speed/handling
    -fixed None accesses in rattler
    -fixed? rattler cloaking online, let me know guys!
    -fixed a spawning issue with the albatros
    -added gorgon vehicle
    -fixed machinegun sounds in hornet and assaultbender
    -adjust hornet gun damage
    -adjust albatros gun damage
    -adjust megaspam damage, now more like multispam
    -made trickboard go full speed over deep water
    -fix awards given by biotank turret
    -tone down biotank goo globlings, increase max glob size


    -added Hornet vehicle
    -added incoming bomb sound for albatros
    -added secondary fire to BioTank
    -tweaked BioTank primary ROF
    -fixed Rattler HUD issue showing 'spacebar -> ' consantly
    -fixed rattler cloaking issue with secondary fire
    -added trickboard powerup/mutator
    -added nautilus vehicle
    -fixed damage types, shows correct name weapon when killed by said weapon
    -changed biotank skin
    -made biotank goo more gooey
    -updated biotank machinegun turret to laser turret
    -tweaked biotank speed
    -tweaked spanker vehicle momentum scaling
    -made cerberus a homing target
    -tweaked cerberus secondary fire

    Some of these vehicles are inspired by or are remakes of other vehicle mods from UT2K4, which can be found here:



    looks great will have to try it out soon


      I'm absolutely loving your maps, not much actual feedback I can give you these are pretty solid. Just keep doing what you're doing


        yay new vehicles !!!

        Hope keep new fun vehicle is coming


          So can we expect the vehicle mutator for the PS3? I think that`s really what we have all been waiting for. Anyway, keep up the great work and thanks for everything you have done so far.


            Cool I will test it out now....

            EDIT-cool vehicles...but the controls for The Nautilus feels very slow and moves very slow.


              Originally posted by OCK View Post
              So can we expect the vehicle mutator for the PS3? I think that`s really what we have all been waiting for. Anyway, keep up the great work and thanks for everything you have done so far.
              Apparently mutators with configuration screens are not supported on the PS3 without a patch from Epic. Until that changes the vehicle replacement mutator will be PC only. PS3 users will have to use the custom maps.


                great work! keep doin what youre doin


                  i really like the look of the mod but i havent installed any mods to ut3 before and cant figure out where to put what.
                  Any help?

                  nevermind figured it out i forgot a file download


                    Flying Levi? Oh dear god we're doomed XD


                      Good job, love new vehicles, hopefully more will follow.


                        I found a small bug when using with the vehicle replacement mutator. It will be fixed in the next release, but if you want you can fix yourself:

                        Replace UTVH_Themis.ini with this:
                        VehiclePositionString="in a Themis"
                        [UTVehicle_Themis UTUIDataProvider_Vehicle]
                        The old one said "UTVehicle_Themis_Content" instead of the actual name which is "UTVehicle_Themis". Before, if you tried to replace a vehicle with a themis you wouldn't get anything.


                          hey idk about everyone else but i can only replace vehicles with standard vehicles and none of the cool modded ones.


                            Did you download both packages? There is the vehicle replacement mutator, and the modded vehicles package.


                              After been trying the vehicles and maps for a while, i think i`m ready to provide some helpful feedback.

                              The best for me is biotank, it`s awesome like it is.
                              Kraits is good, but i think it were better with the mines that locks enemy vehicles, it would be hilarous to overtake an enemy car and put one of this mines in front of it and lock it.
                              Cerberus` point of view is too tall, i don`t know if it is because i have a widescreen monitor, but i can`t see it when i look forward.
                              Albatros is good but, why it moves that way? isn`t it suposed to be a modded cidaca?.
                              Rattler is awesome, but isn`t his shoot too powerfull to be done by an invisible vehicle? it may be a good idea that it could fire only on visible mode, like klingon spaceships; or stop vehicle engine when it becames invisible, so you have to be visible in order to not to be damaged when you are targeted.

                              Well, i hope i have been of help, and not offensive; my english isn`t very good, so i`m not sure i`ve not hurt you eyes .

                              Best regards.