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Orbital Deconstruction v2b [DOM Available!!] - Updated 02Aug08!

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    another good one from Lord Porksword!

    Help, help, our base is destroyed…what?...just have a deathmatch?...OK. I like the bluish colors, darkness, teleporters, floating asteroids, debris and other space features and crystals; a lot more paths than expected and bots are good when I can find them (they might only hang out around one spot but not quite sure).


      Cheers for the review M8!
      There is a DOM version for this but it appears that any live links have expired...
      I'll recook the DOM variant using the latest version of DOM and will upload it this weekend!




          I found out why the DOM version was was due to crashing issues.
          I've spent roughly 4 hours trying to get it working with the latest version of DOM but the crashing issues persist. (with nothing in the logs to identify the issue ) Unfortunately I don't want to spend any more time with this...
          Therefore I've made a DOM/DDOM variant of Orbital Reconstruction for you to enjoy!
          The layout of Reconstruction is much better than it's original counterpart and the bots are rather have fun with this one! I also think the bots work quite well with the DOM gametypes on this map! The map uses 5 DOM points!(2 for Dbl DOM of course!)

          You can download it here: MediaFire

          Also, while I don't update links on most pages for my maps...I quite often will update any new personal mirrors on my UOF page here!


            posted comments in the UOF2 map pack thread on the DM and DOM version; apparently, I forgot about the DM version.