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DM-Amphitryon [PC and PS3, pics & download]

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  • DM-Amphitryon [PC and PS3, pics & download]

    Name: DM-Amphitryon
    Version: Final
    Compatibility: UT3 (PC and PS3)
    Description: "The small cargo ship Amphitryon, newly requisitioned by Liandri, usually just transports machinery and vehicle replacement parts in peace, but in the cold eternity of space, anything is possible..."
    Comments: A small 2-4 player DM map taking place on a spaceship. Weapons included are the link gun, bio rifle, shock rifle, and flak cannon, and armor includes the helmet, shield belt, and vest.
    This was my first map, so I wanted to focus on getting the basics down and making certain I understood all of the core concepts. I fixed some lighting and textures after input from beta. My friends and I have a blast on this map, and I'm hoping you do as well.

    The center area.

    The main hallway.

    Flak cannon room.

    "Red room", directly opposite Flak Cannon room.

    One of the cargo rooms.

    The other cargo room.

    Credits: EPIC for such an awesome game! Also, AnubanUT2 for being such a great help and getting it cooked for the PS3 - console players have him to thank.

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    Excellent Map!! Keep up the good work


    • #3
      Looks really cool, and very well made for a first map. You got my download!


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        Oh yeah man I remember this level ... I liked this small arena style map that is perfect for like 2-4 players. I remember there was an issue with the bots getting stuck alot. Let me test this on the PC real quick before I cook this for you as you requested. Lets be sure that issue is resolved before I perform the conversion.


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          looks very nice, downloading now.

          thanks for the hard work


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            Well Jodago I went ahead and cooked the PS3 version up and in testing I didn't see any bots getting stuck so here is the link for you PS3 folks:


            Edit: Spent some time with the new PC version and the bots still get stuck although not as much. Also leaving the armor helmet where it is still leaves the upper level pretty much untouched by the bots but other than that the level is a lot of fun and still one of the better small arena style maps with a twist.


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              Thank you so much for cooking this for the PS3, Anuban UT2. We all owe you one.


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                ^^ You owe me nothing ... if anything we owe you for creating such a fun little level. I just cooked it up. But thanks for the thought.


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                  in, thanks


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                    Very nice map, I put it on our server