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DM-Xiao 5e PLACE $1.000.000 intel make something unreal contest PC + PS3 + Pics]

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    DM-Xiao 5e PLACE $1.000.000 intel make something unreal contest PC + PS3 + Pics]

    DM-Xiao made it into the $1.000.000 intel make something unreal contest!
    5e Place.


    Name: DM-Xiao

    Version: Final version (PC) (plz dont find bugs )

    Compatibility: UT3 normal and Patch 1.1

    Description: This is a ancient temple map. the perfect spot for a super blast ficht.

    This map is made for 2 - 5 players.

    It got one hidden powerup and one hidden 100 health.

    There is also a trap below the redeemer, and it can be activated by shooting on a trigger that u need to find.

    Comments: The map is perfect on layout, and real nice for the eye's, also FPS is verry good on this map with fast load times.





    Credits: EPICgames, STREAMLINE studios, 3DBuzz and ME Sander Vereecken ''ZixXer''

    Download PC:;id=206

    Download PS3:
    Special Thanks: AnubanUT2, for cooking this map for PS3

    Dont look at pic and say what u think.
    Download the map and then tell me what u realy think of the map.

    Looks really nice, will try it out tomorrow.

    [img]'image link'[/img] (image should be 640x480)


      look a bit dark on picts but look very good too...good job ; )


        Plays well but is a little too dark.


          Very enjoyable map with good visuals and layout. Recommended! 8/10


            Simply amazing.
            This is definitely one of the best UT3 maps i have seen.
            First it looks great, you really did a good job on that.
            Second the gameplay is well. I've seen a lot of maps which look great, but don't have gameplay. This map has both.
            Also the trap adds another element to the gameplay, you could use some tactics on that
            I already played some Unreal Tournament 2004 maps that were created by your hands and knew you were able to make some magnificant maps. This one truly didn't disappoint me!

            I would say 10/10, keep on the good work.


              Use the [shot] tag to actually have the pics show and not the links.


                Finally played this map and I really enjoyed it. I was too busy trying to just frag to find the kill switch but a bot did because I got killed when the trap door on the floor opened once. Very cool and it adds a nice twist because from then on out I was **** careful of that area. I also thought the theme was very well executed. You used a good amount of statues but did not go over board ... very good balance of style and trim. Thanks for the map.


                  Xiao means small in Chinese.

                  I live in Beijing.

                  Chinese girls are sexy.


                    Fantastic map!

                    The light levels are just right and the attention to detail is wonderful. As soon as someone makes a Freon mode for UT3 this map will be on our server

                    excellent job man


                      the map is great

                      THE MAP IS GREAT: 9/10

                      thnx zixxer, i l()ve u!


                        I can't even see what is going on in the screenshots, really dark.

                        ~Death Dream~


                          Zixxer I sent you an important pm so check it as soon as you can. Thanks again for an extremely cool and well crafted level.


                            hey TY Anubanut2 for cooking this map. So from now on PS3 players can play a real good map.

                            PS3 link below!:

                            ty guys for the nice replays!
                            (the screenshots are darker then the real map!)


                              Originally posted by ZixXer View Post
                              hey TY Anubanut2 for cooking this map. So from now on PS3 players can play a real good map.
                              You are welcome man ... glad I could help out. This really is a hot map.