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CTF-DJ-MatrixLobby2k7 (Weapons Version)

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    CTF-DJ-MatrixLobby2k7 (Weapons Version)

    Name: CTF-DJ-MatrixLobby2k7

    Version: 1.0

    Compatibility: UT3 ver 1.1

    This map is a remake of my UT99/UT2k4 map CTF-|rS|MatrixLobby. Those versions were strictly IG and Sniper Arena themed. This version has all weapons. The lobby scene from the matrix. Not much more to describe then that.

    To install this map you simply need to extract the archive to the "My Documents" folder.
    I hope you have fun with this map.
    Working Screenshot Preview.
    Custom Music.
    Sound Added to the metal detectors.
    Gave up on the idea of making the walls destructible after playing one of the physx maps and my computer was brought to its knees.
    Toned down the green lighting from the beta.
    Feedback is welcome.


    Credits: Me aka DJStoney69 and all who left feedback on the beta thank you.

    Website: N/A


    It looks like a UT99 map. There's not enough detail. Just a lot of BSP surfaces all with the same texture applied.
    The txture on the ground is also scaled way too high. It makes it seem like you're playing from the point of view of a 1-foot tall person carrying a gun three times the size of his body.

    I'd also recommend using more dramatic lighting. More light sources, and higher fall offs/lower radius for the lights. It makes the light look like it's actually coming from a light source. Right now it looks sort of like you just placed a few big lights in the middle of the room, not corresponding to the light static meshes at all.


      It mostly is bsp, there isn't much in the way of anything in the lobby scene from the matrix. So hence there are only a couple of textures. It was a remake from a ut99/ut2k4 map I made. Im not going to throw static meshes in there just to appease the masses who want eye candy where its not needed. Now that I look at the floor texture a little more yeah its a bit off. Thank you for your comments. The map was initially created for lowg ig. I got a few requests for it to have weapons so I added weapons to it. I am working on a more complex and detailed map. About 30 hours into it and still far from done.


        dude come on at least for the love of god bump map the lines inbetween the tiles and env map the marble


          Well there was some chairs, and that cool scan thing they had to pass through where Neo showed off how many guns he had under his cloak. It was a sweet scene. You could at least add that stuff, as well as the desk the officer was behind to it. Plus there was the elevator to the right and left of the desk that was at the end of the hall.


            unfortunately I dont know how to bump map the textures I would have made a different scanner but I am not a 3d modeler. I have tried to import some models into other things I had ideas for but would get weird errors or when I would get a model in I would go bonker getting the collision set. It would either block it off and cant get near it or you would walk through it. Thank you for your comments. I am working on something much better and new. No remakes of previous maps maps that were popular from the previous versions of UT.