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    The PS3 jetpack does not seem to work, and the model itself is completely black and seems "loosely attached" to the character.

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    I do not have a PS3 to test this with. That being said, updated the post.

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    It's not cooked for ps3 yet =[. Mabey when darkwarrior has time he can cook it =]

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    The one thing I love about mutators like this is that it reminds me of other FPS games that I have enjoyed in the past.

    Take the UT Camera for Example: Its like Gears of War
    The VASAutoshields: Halo (I diddnt enjoy it, but the concept works. LOVE The mutator)

    And now this Jetpack mutator: Tribes

    I just want to personally thank you for reviving this element from such a wonderful FPS into a great game that makes it 300X Better than the origins.

    Edit- Where is the PS3 Download? o_O

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  • started a topic Jetpack for UT3

    Jetpack for UT3

    Jetpack v1.2
    - DM-Sky-Islands v1.0
    - PS3 version, not including DM-Sky-Islands
    - PS3 version, includes DM-Sky-Islands, see below

    Compatibility: Tested under UT3 v1.1
    Author: Pfhoenix

    This mutator gives all players a jetpack to fly around with. Players activate it by pressing and holding down the Jump key/button. Releasing Jump turns the jetpack off.

    Jetpack has been tested both offline and on a dedicated server, but not with multiple clients. If you're able to setup a server and test with multiple people connecting, please let me know so I can resolve any issues that might exist in that scenario.

    Also release, as noted via URL above, is a map I threw together demonstrating the new jetpack pickup, DM-Sky-Islands. It's not very imaginative, and I know it has gameplay issues with my weapon choices, but it's simply a proof of concept for Jetpack based mapping.

    Jetpack Change Log

    - jetpack now has a pickup factory object for mappers to place in their maps
    - players can now lean when the jetpack is activated to accelerate laterally at the expensive of vertical acceleration
    - updated and improved jetpack mesh

    - jetpack now attaches to players properly (like flags)
    - jetpack will no longer interfere with swimming physics
    - should work for PS3 controllers now

    - now uses an interaction to capture the GBA_Jump command to know when to turn on and off
    - should work on PS3 now (to include multiple players per console, but this needs testing).

    Beta 0.8
    - fixed vehicle and feigning death handling

    Known Bugs:
    None Aware

    Special Thanks:
    bez for the jetpack model