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    Agh, I give up. This is one of the best custom maps I've ever played, but I can't for the life of me get it to run without hanging. =\

    Any chance on looking into the problem? I tried opening it in the editor but I get some bizarre problems when doing so.


      Great map, but when I add this to my server it always seems to cause me server to crash or just hangs it doesn't allow you to join unless you disconnect from server and go back in? A fix would be great.


        nice themed mix
        *thumbs up*

        every1 waitin for Calahan2-SE maaaaan


          oh my...

          one of my favorite ut2004,

          i played it and it's simply amazing how it look better compare with the old ut2004.

          i don't play online for the moment but i intent to do so and some have reported online problems, i hope that it will be fix by the time my server will be up and running.

          if you intent to do a competition edition, you have plenty of terminaison you could use, i just discover some of them by stevelois great thread. go at the bottom as is first post to find them

          i hope that if you do a next version for competitio, you don't alter this one because it's a classic for me.

          thank for that great map !


            hmm... looks good! i try it!


              One of the best maps IMO. Great job!


                This map doesn't load with patch 2.0!

                I hope the author want fix it!


                  is there a 2.1 patch for this? and is there a new link?


                    I have the original release of this and have had no worries running it with patch 2.1


                      The issue is server side. I put it on Beerdrinkers but as mentioned, it hangs the server.


                        I finally got around to playing this map and liked the atmosphere with the somewhat overgrown stone building, wild designs, good trim, nice fire and steam effects (oh, one of the steam grates is a jump pad), very light rain, moving sky, varied lighting done well, tattered banners and waterfall. The gameplay is decent with only a few spots to get caught on at the bottom of some of the stairs (maybe I just need to work on my cornering). The bots are pretty good and the air lift and walkways seem fine to me. I never played the original UT2004 version though. No problems running this map but I'm not running a server either.