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DM-Downpour [PC & PS3 downloads + pics]

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    DM-Downpour [PC & PS3 downloads + pics]

    Name: DM-Downpour
    Version: Final
    Description: Medium-sized city-themed map where players fight in alleyways at ground level, across open rooftops and through cramped interiors. Features all weapons and most powerups/armours, all of which the bots will grab if you don't beat them to it.
    Players: 4-8
    PC Download:
    PS3 Download:


    This has undergone some major changes since the beta, the biggest being that the bottom level is no longer ten metres underwater. Some people didn't mind the swimming, but most found it frustrating - so now instead the only swimmable water is in two small pools either side of the map, which are basically landing zones for when you want to avoid fall damage.

    Everything's been tested and tweaked as much as I can tolerate, so instead of doing another beta release I'm calling this finished. That said, I'm still open to any constructive criticism anyone might have, as it's always useful for future maps.

    Notable changes for full version:
    * Raised ground by 3-5 metres and made water about a foot deep, opening up the bottom level for gameplay.
    * You can now enter the building with the shield belt at the ground level, allowing you to climb some stairs and jump through some windows to reach the roof.
    * You can also enter the high-tech building at the ground level, where a teleporter will deposit you opposite the lift.
    * Added a small shop-like building to create more narrow alleyways and also provide an extra stepping stone to the ground level.
    * Extended the high-tech building and added walls and fences to some rooftops to provide cover and reduce hitscan dominance.
    * Rearranged a lot of stuff to reflect the layout changes and generally improved the looks of things.

    I hope everyone finds this more enjoyable than the beta version.

    Looks good are u cooking it for PS3


      here's the link with the mod cooking tools m8

      Good luck with your cookery :P


        in downloading !!
        In advance, thx for your work !


          Originally posted by RealSubZero View Post
          here's the link with the mod cooking tools m8

          Good luck with your cookery :P
          Thanks, but I already tried cooking using that tutorial and it had pretty disastrous results. It seems as though it was written for people who know a lot more about modding than I do.


            here is a step by step guide by Schleicher I hope it helps

            1. In Frontend select "PS3" in the "Platform" field, "North America" in "Game Version", "Map" (assumed its a Map) in "Mod Type" field

            2. Put your uncooked (mine was uncooked, no clue if it can be a pre-cooked for PC one) map into C:\Documents and Settings\YOURNAME\My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\UnPublished\CookedPC\CustomMaps (can be another path mebbe, but just to be safe)

            3. Enter the path to your map in the "Maps" field (with .ut3 ending). Put quotation marks (like so : "yadda") around it else the tool will get confused by the spaces and wont be able to load the map

            4. Click cook. It'll spout lines after lines of "Cant find package stealthbender" or something like that, ignore it.

            5. Eventually itll finish and ask you to save. Enter a name

            6. Now itll have done two things :
            a)Placed A PS3 folder to whereever you did save it (if you entered c:\ itll be c:\PS3), delete that one, itll have a bad ini
            b)Placed a "Mods" directory into C:\Documents and Settings\YOURNAME\My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame with your cooked stuff in it. Thats the one you want. If you cooked a map itll have 5 files :,, Globalpersistencookerdataps3.upk, and PS3-UTgame.ini

            7) Edit the ini according to this : (i deleted the note behind the ; , prolly unecessary). Adding preview image, Numplayers and Author prolly is the same as with the pc, i didnt add one because first priority was getting it to run at all and i didnt want to add anything which could possibly confuse the stupid tools :P

            8) Go back into front end. Now click "Package Mod", browse to the "Mods" folder and click and drag so that all the 5 files are selected. "Open", enter a name, save.

            9) Zip it and put it online


              My question is why even bother with Zip. It's only one file and it barely makes a difference in file size


                Wow, the pictures look cool. Hope you figure out how to cook for PS3.


                  Map looks great! Gloomy urban environment? Sign me up.




                    Crashed in game twice!!!

                    Using to much of the resources!!!


                    Though u got rid of alot of water, u still added to much i think that just tears it up.

                    Seems to much is in there still


                      It crashed? That's new for me. I have a fairly low-end system and framerates are either on a par with or above those in the stock maps.

                      Trying to cook a PS3 version right now, but I'm still having a lot of trouble with it. It seems to get halfway and then nothing.



                        My system is good. This is the only map that has done this.
                        I noticed fps slowing during gameplay.
                        I would take out that whole section of map where you run around the one building where you see an empty alley.
                        when u think about it, with all you have in this map + z axis and stuff your adding alot with these building too (rain, texture,ect)
                        It makes it bigger that a large map resource wise.

                        try completly blocking the alley with a wall


                          Works fine for me...
                          But the rain takes lots of resources for me...

                          Anyway good map !


                            Keep the rain in. It makes it a cool environment. Just work by taking out some of really unnecessary things that might eat up the resources besides the rain.

                            It did run ok for a couple of min, but like i said i could see it losing its resources.


                              I have no idea what area you're talking about, but I'm not prepared to remove any major parts of the architecture unless others have the same problem. In genral I think this still falls short from the detail level in Epic's maps.

                              I've uploaded a PS3 version here but have no idea if it works or not:

                              If anyone could test this and get back to me I'd appreciate it.