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Reverse CTF [Final][Download]

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    lots of people like it but no one seems to of rated it

    i gave you a 5

    and ive added it to the M&M Server so it can be downloaded and automatically installed using the UT3 Tweaker V4


      This was a lot of fun. It really changed CTF so much it's like a different game type.
      I think you should consider changing the flags to orbs. This would really make it a new game type. Sort of a cross between Bombing Run and CTF.
      Not sure if you can do this or not.


        This sounds like a really nice variation. Now all we need is the 'own flags have to be walked back to home base' mutator and the 'neutral flag in the center' gametype!


          The link is dead. Can someone please fix it?


            heres a mirror on my site

            plus 2 others i found all 3 are pc version only


              Sounds like a lot of fun! Voted 5* on the thread. Downloading


                This is an awesome mutator - it can turn even the slowest of maps into pure action!

                One minor thing is the spawns also all reverse direction so your usually oriented facing the wrong direction (some maps that are built in true reverse form by design always still have the spawns facing the appropriate direction ETA: toward the enemy, etc.)

                I'd still rate this 5 stars my self just for the fact that its a blast (When we have our lan get togethers we usually kick in the reverse mod about an hour or 2 into it)


                  Missed this. Had a go. Still grinning.
                  Bots get this sorted well. Some of the best bot cover I've ever had at skilled to adept level.
                  Grand job. Thanks.


                    Thanks for opening up a whole new gametype to me. I was never a huge fan of standard CTF - I always found the journey to get the flag extremely tedious, and once you had escaped, there was little chance of you being caught.

                    But now! You practically start with the flag. Every enemy you kill on the way back, chances are they may be waiting for you again at the base. As said above, it makes even the bigger and slower maps much more fun to play.

                    There have been a lot of good maps & mutators released lately that have me playing UT3 again after a lengthy lay-off.