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    Originally posted by SkaarjMaster View Post
    Is that what does?
    Not 100% sure, but it seems like many of their downloads are in 7zip and I know some of those releases to originally be in ZIP or RAR format. Not that there's anything wrong with 7zip. Like I said, I prefer maintaining the author's original files in-tact. Even if it means a few MB.

    I've added the files that unrealloco posted links to (as their file dates seemed to be correct) to Mapraider's three mirrors in RAR format, which appears to be the original distribution format. All the other mirrors that have been posted are listed on the page as well.

    Thanks everyone! Glad to know that maps that I thought were gone for good aren't always so


      Here is the original packet
      the content is the same


        Thanks Schotti - but are you sure? I did a byte comparison on the UT3 files and they're not at all the same.

        The UT3 file in the archive you posted has a modified date of January 8, 2008 and the bytesize is 59029430.

        The one that unrealloco posted (and I put on my mirrors) has a modified date of September 25, 2008 and the bytesize is 59033845

        So it seems that the link you posted might be an older beta version. This is a great example of why I beg authors to put versions in their filenames


          if one compares the date of the posts, it should not be a beta

          FINAL VERSION RELEASED - Download

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          Well no matter


            Yeah, I noticed that ... but that doesn't explain the newer version floating around. jayoplus may have updated it later in the year and just forgot to update the post. I think I'll PM him. If he sees it, hopefully he'll be able to clear up the confusion.

            Thanks though.


              Jayoplus was quick to reply to my PM and provided an explanation.

              Basically, he re-cooked and re-uploaded the map to FileFront because it got deleted and suspects this re-cooking is the September version. He doesn't believe that he made any changes to the map in that second re-cook.

              So, both versions are essentially the same despite the different modification dates.

              Mystery solved. Now back to fragging