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Remake: The Pit of Agony [DM-aX_Agony][Screens][Download][PC/PS3]

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    Remake: The Pit of Agony [DM-aX_Agony][Screens][Download][PC/PS3]

    I just finished my remake-version of "The Pit of Agony"

    DM-aX_Agony (4-12 Players)
    For Unreal Tournament 3

    Title: The Pit of Agony Remake

    Author of this remake: aLeX

    Playername: aLeX^wusel


    Release Date: January 2008

    Build Time: a few weeks

    Changelog since BETA's:
    * Helmet at sniper-place replaced with thight-pads
    * forgotten pickups placed
    * reduced the shiny-effect in front of the two beautiful ladies a little cause you cant see through it very good
    * The lift doesnt match really the atmosphere of that map, i made a wooden-one insteat
    * increased the height of the corridor at the flak-cannon
    * fixed place at chest-armor where you get stuck at the wall
    * added sounds to water
    * added deco for wood-trapeze

    - Sidney 'Clawfist' Rauchberger for making the orginal UT99 Map
    - MsM for making a great UT2004 Remake of it
    - ->UT2X<-Hyperion for making a cool utility to prepare classic maps for ut3 editor import
    - Hourences great mapping tutorials
    - AnubanUT2 for adressing some bugs and giving feedback on them
    - team for competent feedback and tips


    Put all the files of this archiv into:
    Harddisk:\Documents and Settings\<userID>\My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\CustomMaps\

    if youre using -nohomedir put files into
    Harddisk:\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\CustomMaps\

    If those directorys dont exist, simply create them

    if you downloaded the BETA's already, you should delete them.

    PC Version:

    PS3 Version:

    Nice remake!


      A bit too small for my taste but I already uploaded it my server

      Well done!


        downloading you sexy mapper you

        plays really well and is true to original!! 5 stars


          aLeX could have used the Ripperlite mutator and put in the ripper too


            This map always looked good, even as a beta. Lovely to see the polished final result well done and thank you


              This map to me looks too much like UT2004. The textures just don't seem to cut it. I don't have that beautiful 3d brick etc. effect that I love about UT3. Otherwise, true to the original and fun to play. I like the hidden room (never noticed it in the original if it were there).


                thx for the commtents

                i learned so much things by making this remake, i never thought it would become that great... it was mainly done for learning purpose with the unrealED and was a lot of fun to play it later. it is awesome seeing online-servers running this map already

                that hidden room was not in the orginal-version , i just added it cause i liked those rooms in many ut99 maps.

                testet the ripper-lite mutator on this map, it runs really well cause of the flat walls and all foliage have NO-COLLSION set, so ripper-blades wont be affected by them

                as im a little experienced with mapping now i think it wont be my last one and i can start with own maps with much more advantages of the unrealengine3


                  Wow! Greeat job. Thanks.


                    Originally posted by WARRIC
                    alex could you cook it for PS3 please i would be gratefull
                    here it is:

                    plz give feedback if the map "work" on PS3 cause i cant test it. theres a text-file included how to import it to the PS3...


                      Everything works great in this map for the PS3! I like the lighting that went into those stain glass murals. Haha.


                        Yep, worked fine for me too, thanks for taking the time to cook this for PS3


                          Thanks for cooking the map for PS3, looks good


                            Thanks for bringing the map, always good to see modders looking out for us PS3 folk


                              Thank you for cooking the Playstation version!