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    PS3 user here, just wanted to say this is a great map. I love the sound effects, and long narrow hallways that create very interesting encounters. The overall ambiance makes this map top notch. Thanks man.


      Holy **** you are so f**kin cool for cooking this for ps3 users as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


        Hey, another bit of thanks from another PS3 user here. I didn't even know the cooker was working properly to do this. I saw Herby with a server with it up and my jaw hit the floor. There are suddenly a bunch of new mods on PS3 servers. I saw Bathroom on there too. I'm so happy. I can't wait for to start stocking up so I can get all these right from my PS3 browser......hint hint. Well, I'm going to get this map now, thanks again.


          Thank you so much for cooking for the PS3, I'm sure we are all very grateful. I hope you continue the excellent work and encourage others to do the same. You rock!


            Well done for most part. Bio Gun room seem too awful dark tho.


              Thanks from another PS3 player.

              Played your map a for sometime, great fun, beautiful map. Kudos.



                Ty ty, glad you like it


                  Originally posted by Schleicher View Post
                  Ty ty, glad you like it
                  Schleicher...can you help another modder who is having trouble getting her map converted?


                  Since you were the first to do it I consider you expert


                    No idea about error messages <.<

                    But i can post a step by step guide how i did it

                    1. In Frontend select "PS3" in the "Platform" field, "North America" in "Game Version", "Map" (assumed its a Map) in "Mod Type" field

                    2. Put your uncooked (mine was uncooked, no clue if it can be a pre-cooked for PC one) map into C:\Documents and Settings\YOURNAME\My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\UnPublished\CookedPC\CustomMaps (can be another path mebbe, but just to be safe)

                    3. Enter the path to your map in the "Maps" field (with .ut3 ending). Put quotation marks (like so : "yadda") around it else the tool will get confused by the spaces and wont be able to load the map

                    4. Click cook. It'll spout lines after lines of "Cant find package stealthbender" or something like that, ignore it.

                    5. Eventually itll finish and ask you to save. Enter a name

                    6. Now itll have done two things :
                    a)Placed A PS3 folder to whereever you did save it (if you entered c:\ itll be c:\PS3), delete that one, itll have a bad ini
                    b)Placed a "Mods" directory into C:\Documents and Settings\YOURNAME\My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame with your cooked stuff in it. Thats the one you want. If you cooked a map itll have 5 files :,, Globalpersistencookerdataps3.upk, and PS3-UTgame.ini

                    7) Edit the ini according to this : (i deleted the notes behind the ; at the start of it , prolly unecessary). Adding preview image, Numplayers and Author prolly is the same as with the pc, i didnt add one because first priority was getting it to run at all and i didnt want to add anything which could possibly confuse the stupid tools :P . Save.

                    8) Go back into front end. Now click "Package Mod", browse to the "Mods" folder and on to the folder with your stuff in it and click and drag so that all the 5 files are selected. "Open", enter a name, save.

                    9) Zip it and put it online

                    Hope that helps


                      Great map! IF Epic ever did splitscreen ( 4 player) this map would be the most ideal for intensity. This map reminds me of great old goldeneye maps but with better graphics and complexity.

                      Thanks! and Thanks again for cooking it to the ps3.


                        Thanks for playing


                          A well-deserved bump for a cool map. Interesting layout and the atmosphere is great, kinda dreamy and mysterious. I play this one a lot.


                            it works on a EU PS3 too, just played it, works and plays great!


                              Eh thats good, i thought about cooking a EU version but that along with making another map (which i have/had pretty good plans for, finished layout and all) and visiting these forums regulary kinda went under in...stuff in general

                              Thanks for playing again. Oh hey, 1000 downloads