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Unreal Tournament 3 Tweaker Version 5.0 **5th place in MSUC**

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    Did you already test the Custumcharacter stuff ingame?
    There is a little bug when you have necirs arms on males. the fingers become 2 meters long.
    I already tested that with a tweaked customcharacter.ini

    Also, be carefull something will get mixed up with the color. Maybe the alpha channels,i dunno. It looks fine in the prewview, but sucks ingame.

    by the way, this is my custom character.


      Diwako that looks good, wd

      yes im aware of the issue of using different faction parts with human parts. its not just necris either... robots and i think krall as well will cause complications when mixed with human pieces. this will be well documented in the tool, however naturally it will be up to the plyer to experiment to find what works out ok.


        Also,I got an idea with the custom characters.
        Is there a way to create one outside the game, in the tweaker?
        If yes, I could help you, by taking pictures of the custom body parts, cutting them out in photoshop and save as any file you want.


          FSAA is force AA right?

          Does this work with XP? I have it enabled running XP and nvidea videocard
          awsome mod btw


            Originally posted by PeterS_01 View Post
            FSAA is force AA right?

            Does this work with XP? I have it enabled running XP and nvidea videocard
            awsome mod btw
            It only works in vista.

            For me it doesn't work in xp


              PeterS01 have a look at this post by Anuban

              Originally posted by Anuban
              None of the settings in the game force AA ... to TRY and force AA in UT3 you have to use the control panel or nHancer ... it still doesn't work though people will swear to you it does. I think I explained this somewhere else in this thread. If you have an ATI card there is nothing you can even try. This is what that guide that was referring to but AA is completely broken in the latest drivers:


              This setting appears to allow DirectX10 mode when running in Windows Vista; it has no impact in XP since XP cannot run DX10. When enabled in Vista it seems to reduce performance, possibly in return for better image quality. At the moment it is difficult to see any improvements in image quality with this option enabled, so it is recommended that Vista users set this option to False to gain a noticeable improvement in FPS."

              However the guide is unaware that there is a glitch in UT3 so that if you do set this to False you end up turning off a bunch of settings and the slider will be set at 1 for Texture detail so if you have Vista leave this setting Enabled ... it does not impact performance since there is no DX10 code in UT3 atm which in effect means that it is not doing anything at this time. Also be aware that once Epic patches UT3 with DX10 code Vista users then be able to do 4xFSAA and the difference will be clearly noticeable. For XP users they are stuck without true/fully working FSAA. Also from the tweak Guide and this refers to what you highlighted in blue:

              "Antialiasing Support: UT3 uses a technique called Deferred Lighting, which doesn't allow for the use of normal Anti-Aliasing, at least in DX9 mode. Epic has stated that when running in DX10 mode in Vista, the game will allow the use of AA in the future. For the moment there are two ways to force Anti-Aliasing in the game:

              - If you run a GeForce 8 series card you can force AA through the Nvidia Forceware Control Panel using the UT3 game profile in the latest Forceware, or rename the UT3.exe file found under the \Program Files\Unreal Tournament 3\Binaries\ directory to BioShock.exe, and use the BioShock profile.
              # You can apply a brute force method called Supersampling - which works on pretty much any game - using a utility such as nHancer to set 'AA Compatibility mode 45' for the game profile. This is not recommended, as it has a major performance impact and can also cause visual glitches.

              A better alternative to either of the above is simply to adjust your Post Processing setting to something like Vivid, which helps cover up aliasing extremely well at a minimal cost in performance."


                here is new feature to be expected in the next version.

                you will be able to pick custom shaped crosshairs, as well as their colour globally, or for each weapon


                please note this is not even a Beta preview... i know the Crosshair shape buttons look terrible lol. they will be reworked, and no doubt the layout is subject to change.


                  U mean we get it like ut2k4? Is this real or am I dreaming? :O


                    wouldnt know.. never played ut2k4 lol.


                      This just gets better and better. Keep up the good work.


                        not a problem. off to watch a film with the other half, and off to see the vicar in the morning to go over wedding details ( oh the fun.....)

                        when i get back il whip up a beta version so you can try out the:

                        new directory selectors..
                        FPS Control

                        you wont be able to try the crosshairs out.


                          good job


                            a new feature for the next version

                            Screenshot Viewer.

                            grants you easy access to browse through your screenshots, delete them and other options yet to be announced.


                              been spending a bit of time doing up the User interface.

                              a little more pretty than the previous versions, ignoring the mutator and gore control button.. il finish those two off tomorrow



                                Hey Brad, could you include an option to your tweaker wich lets you choose the format of the screenshots?

                                Just a simple one like: Save screenshots in [ ]*.bmp / [X] *.jpeg