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Unreal Tournament 3 Tweaker Version 5.0 **5th place in MSUC**

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    Unreal Tournament 3 Tweaker Version 5.0 **5th place in MSUC**

    Name:Unreal Tournament 3 Tweaker ( UT3T )
    Version: 5.0
    Compatibility: UT3 with Patch 2.0
    Credits: Brad G




    NOTE: With regards to technical support.
    Technical Support will NOT be given on ANY forum, other than my forum located at
    This is because if you have encountered a problem, there is a strong probability someone else will do too in the future. my time is limited as i am the only person involved in this project, so by you posting the questions in one place in seperate threads on my forums other members can read the solutions there without having to ask the question over and over again, also giving them the ability to use the search function on my forums.
    With this in mind please do not post technical support questions here. They will not be answered.

    XBOX Controller Support!: as of V5.0

    Now you will be able to configure your xbox controller to use on your pc, with unreal tournament 3.

    Profile Management: as of V5.0 ON HOLD

    This grants you the ability to create multiple sets of your ini files and group them with a profile name. This way you can tweak the settings really high and call the profile "for testing my mods" and another profile with not so high settings so you can play the game more smoothly, which you could called "My Gaming profile" for example. now you can simply select which profile to use, and click activate, allowing you to switch to and from profiles on the fly.

    Cache convertor: as of V5.0

    Yes its been long awaited, and long over due. the ability to convert those maps you have downloaded from servers upon joining in to playable maps you can host and enjoy. Im not entirely confident with the stability of the mutator cache converting so that feature is disabled for the time being. never the less you can convert any maps.

    Dedicated server configuration: as of V5.0 ON HOLD

    if you run a dedicated server, you will now the burdensome task of preparing the long command lines to add to the games extension. Using the interface for dedicated server management, you can configure the majority of the settings stored in the ini files, eliminating the need for those lengthly commands. upon clicking generate, the short command left over which contains information such as the admin username and password is displayed to you ready to be used with the games .exe

    Manual installation of maps and mutators INSTALL FROM ZIP FILES!!!: as of V5.0

    This has been drastically revised. why? well its looked terrible for a start all crammed together. now the dump folder contains two folders. one called maps, and one called mutators. before you had to unzip the files in to the dump folder making sure you do not put any folders inside there. Well good news! UT3T now knows what a zip file is! you can simply download your maps and mutators as zip files in to the corresponding dump folder and click install. Thats it! no more do you have to extract the zip files. the tweaker does it for you, and naturally then installs them for you.

    Custom Cross hairs!: as of V5.0

    now you have the option to change the crosshairs for each of the weapons independantly, and the colour globally

    Auto Update: as of V5.0
    When a new update is available. this green button will appear on the tweaker. By clicking you will be connected to my server and it will update the UT3 Tweaker to the latest version

    Help archives: as of V5.0
    With Ultrons consent, i have added Ultrons Tweak Guide to the Tweaker


    Bugs squashed

    Screenshot Manager: as of V5.0
    The bug where some people could not see their screenshots in the screenshot manager has now been resolved

    stuck in a loop: as of V5.0
    some people were getting stuck in a loop when trying to alter the gore level, or changing the port number server setting. This has been resolved

    could not load directory mutator/news: as of V5.0
    you may have noticed that if you were to click on a news article while browsing mutators you would receive an error. this has been resolved

    manual installed maps not adding to uninstall list: as of V5.0

    issues fixed and download updated for:
    not being able to display screenshots
    ut3config.txt error message
    unlock all chars not unlocking.

    News bulletins: as of V4.0
    This is what you are reading. When you either click the news button, or when you browse for mutators & maps, the news bulletin will update from my server displaying any relevant information to you. Such as bugs discovered, workarounds, and information on new releases being designed and released.

    Screenshot Manager as of V4.0
    Now you have even more flexibility using this application. I am steering away of making this application solely for tweaking, and will be encapsulating a wider scope of features so it appeals to all. With the screenshot manager you can easily browse through all of the screenshots you have taken ingame, and you are given the option to upload them to a file server so you can display them on forums and websites. You have the option to delete the ones what your not so keen on, and of course the option to save them to JPEG, oppose to the default BMP which the game takes.

    M&M Maps and Mutators Installer as of V4.0
    Some of you may have used the M&M which i released not so long ago. This was a field test to see how the system operates in the real world. and to see just how popular it would be. Im pleased to say its popular, with other 500 connections per day, and no doubt will continue to grow with the release of this version.

    M&M Grants you the ability to connect to my server and browse for maps and mutators. by clicking on a Map or mutator in the list, the readme file for the map will load, along with a screenshot. Screenshots to slow down the loadtime by a second or so, so i have given you the option to turn off the screenshots for faster viewing, if you know what your looking for.

    Glossary Button as of V4.0
    Has now become the help button. By Clicking this you will not only see the definition of the tweaks, you will also see the instructions for the application.

    CrossHair control. as of V4.0
    I know many of you have been waiting for custom crosshairs, however im not happy to give you this feature yet. it feels buggy, and unreliable. im not in the habit of giving out things i dont trust, the last thing i want to do is make a mess of your ini files. for now i have disabled the custom crosshair controls, but you may still use the page to change the colour of your crosshairs.

    Exit,Save , Save and exit: as of V4.0
    Some users have requested greater control on saving and exiting, so i have added two new buttons so you can save periodically.

    Unlock Body parts: as of V4.0
    This unlocks a few factions from the game and grants you the ability to mix and match their body parts while designing your character. please note you are advised not to mix body parts from the robots with humans, or Krall with the humans as they use a different animation skeleton and they might look a little bit funny ingame. incase your wondering, yes they do showup online and others will be able to see them.
    in future releases you will be given even more body parts to play around with.

    Various bug fixes with regards to M&M

    Enhanced Graphics controls
    Greater Control over the graphics tweaks has been added, allowing you to tick to enable or disable individual settings which are relevant to the Graphics.

    Whats the point of trying to tweak if you do not understand what the values mean? we at Biopaparat appreciate it can be a little daunting at first, which is why we have included a Glossary to explain what the graphics tweaks do.

    World Detail slider bar decreasing no more!
    We found the bug which was causing the world detail bar to decrease in game. this has now been ammended so please feel free to apply "Max Graphics settings" without effecting the World Detail.

    The Application also detects your current settings.
    somthing of which was causing confusion in version 3.0. before you would make changes, save them and close the program, and when you relaunched the application, they would no loinger be ticked, even though the changes were still applied. With the release of Version 3.5 it will detect all of your settings, including the colour of your crosshairs for example, and adjust the GUI of the application accordingly

    B3.Bobbing disable/enable
    Stop your weapon bouncing around

    3.0 - Center your aim
    be default the aim is slightly off to the right or left depending on if your right or left handed. now you will hit bang in the middle

    3.0 - Control blood level and gore
    increase or decrease the amount of blood and gore in game

    3.0 - replace videos
    for whatever reason.. yu can now restore the videos

    3.0 - Comprehensive backup system
    Backs up all of the ini files one by one or all at the same time. same applies to restoring them

    3.0 - Strong Language control
    Disable Profanity

    3.0 - FSAA
    FSAA is available for users who have vista, and an nvidea card with compatible drivers

    3.0 - Max Graphics settings completely reworked
    many new graphics tweaks added to this version of UT3 Tweaker

    3.0 - Best performance settings
    Ideal if you have an older system. this turns down the eye candy so your system doesnt come to a grinding halt

    2.1 - 5 new crosshair colours added
    - with a picture preview

    2.1 - The ability to reset the resource directory

    install or uninstall
    The application has been built into an installer. you can choose if you would like an icon placed on your desktop, and it can be uninstalled from either your programs menu from start, or from add and remove programs from control panel.

    no longer do you have to select the ini files.
    the application will detect your directory and ask you to confirm that it is right, and store it. that way if you use the program in the future, you wont have to do it again.

    Better backup/restore
    with this application advancing on to other ini files, you can now select which files to backup, and which ones to restore independantly. the backup wizard will run on its first use, and you can run it at anytime from the menu.

    Crosshairs Tweaked
    The ability to change your crosshair between the default white and green. more colours will be added to future releases

    Change the language of the game
    now you can change the language of the game to either

    The forever lasting movies
    At a click of a button you can remove the videos which play at the start of the game

    Graphics Tweaker
    Get the eye candy your after. providing you have a tidy graphics card, it'l give you the textures youve been waiting for

    Good JAWB!


      Why dont u try the befor and after picture of the same thing? Might be able to tell a better view of difference.


        Thx for tackling this. Epic should be paying you and all of the other folks that are doing the stuff they should have done...


          Cool ... you opened up a mod thread afterall. This will help you out more I think and reach a greater number of people. Glad to see you made it over to this side.


            Originally posted by AnubanUT2 View Post
            Cool ... you opened up a mod thread afterall. This will help you out more I think and reach a greater number of people. Glad to see you made it over to this side.
            lol sorry i didnt even see your post on the other thread until today. completely overlooked it


              Something very interesting happens that you should note and take into consideration. On Vista systems the AllowD3D10 flag is set to "True" ... and when mine was set to true it was also when I had world detail at the max setting of 5. These two are tied together on Vista ... if you set the value for AllowD3D10 to False the world detail is set all the way down to one. Just that one setting and nothing else ... strange huh ... I wouldn't think it would have such an impact and the tweak guide didn't mention it. I guess this is the way you end up getting extra frames in a dx10 environment by emulating dx9 and turning all the advanced stuff off. Again this only effects Vista Users. XP users should have this already set to False by default as there is no DX10 rendering for them to be concerned with.

              As I find out other stuff I think you may not be aware of I will let you know. Oh yeah something wierd happened with my multisample value ... it somehow changed to 4 instead of 1 or 2. I don't know how that happened but it is something else to keep in mind.


                awesome job!


                  This is great!!!. Just what we needed. Thanks.


                    cannot open file C:\Documents and Settings\Pan\My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config\UTEngine.ini


                    no idea how to solve that, help please !


                      k got it


                        Originally posted by se1z View Post
                        cannot open file C:\Documents and Settings\Pan\My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config\UTEngine.ini


                        no idea how to solve that, help please !
                        The reason to this message I believe is cause people do the -nohomedir trick. I did this and have deleted those files from my documents. Now I get this message. I'm sure many others have did this as well. I wish you can just direct this tweaker to the config folder of your liking. Not the default 'my documents'


                          Originally posted by Emmet Otter View Post
                          The reason to this message I believe is cause people do the -nohomedir trick. I did this and have deleted those files from my documents. Now I get this message. I'm sure many others have did this as well. I wish you can just direct this tweaker to the config folder of your liking. Not the default 'my documents'
                          Emmet i appreciate your thoughts, thie will be sorted out in the next edition. but i cant see why you just dont enter in the file path to where ever you have the ini files. its not like you have to do it again once youve done it.


                            I believe the reason to the dir change was to avoid filling your c: drive with custom maps and to maintain it in your UT3 folder thats been installed elsewhere.

                            I at times do fresh installs of winxp from time to time and is a pain in the butt to keep juggling files. Thats just me.

                            Glad to read that you will consider another version with this feature. It does look like a superb tool.


                              emmet when you start the tweaker and you see the box with the wrong filepath in it? delete the path there and put in your path to the folder what contains your ini files. click set and youl be fine. you can put any path you like there