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    well... idk if this will come to PS3, but i'm keeping my eye out for looks really nice, simple layout, great backgrounds/environments!!.... i am also becoming a "space map" fan myself, as each day goes by on UT3....


      The map name caught my attention... is that an intentional oxymoron?


        from all test on low grav maps ur "low grav system" is really pleasant!!and the map rock !!thx


          good one!

          I usually don't like space maps, but I'll make an exception for this one. Needs author name in preview shot, cool planet surface with sun behind it and shattered moon with stars (seen in a couple other maps I believe); like the banners, teleporters, ramps, z-axis and low gravity; watch out you don't fall and the shock rifle will make sure you do. Lots of jumping and bots are good; I like the high route.


            Fun map.

            Great low gravity and stoned-styled map in space, no worries. I like the skybox that includes the Sun hiding the Earth which is very dark and gloomy, the shattered moon and a lot of stars too. The teleporters are much fun to play, high routes, banners and a couple of z-axis. Great gameplay and the bots are very tough too. Don't let the enemies will falling you off the walkways.

            PS: No_ReMoRsE has created the original UT99 version of this map and I can't find it elsewhere to download (as the credits stated in the first post). So thus this is a good remake for UT3.

            New mirror added to


              Wow, I can't believe someone actually posted about this map only 3 years ago. Impressive. Thanks for adding the link Private Tux. I'd edit the original post to add it there but I have no idea what my login was back then. lol