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DM-Codex [Final] now for both PC & PS3

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    DM-Codex [Final] now for both PC & PS3

    ADDED - 24th Jan DM-CodexPS3

    Many thanks to AnubanUT2 for cooking/testing and uploading it for me.
    Here is the PS3 version a lot of you have been waiting for..

    ADDED - 28th Dec DM-Codex-FE for PC

    I've just released an FE version (Fixed Edition)

    Download FE Version for PC:

    Main changes:
    - Fixed a big exploit where you could get inside one of the lava pools and hide there permanently using feign death.
    - By request, I've made the door near 50a larger so you can see through to 50a as in the original map.
    - A few other minor changes, better water colour, removed some unnecesary emitters..

    Download from:

    It's not essential if you just play casually, but definitely is for online play and serious competition.


    Here's the final version (ver 1.1) of the remake of DM-Codex
    I've addressed almost all issues from the previous version, and it has a huge number of changes/additions.
    See the readme for more info on the changes.

    Version 1.1 main changes
    - Minigun area floor lowered to prevent hitting your head
    - Numerous wooden beams raised and blocking volumes added to stop you hitting your head and getting caught on meshes
    - Fixes with blocking volumes
    - Couple of bot fixes
    - Lava added intead of Slime
    - Replaced the roof terrain in the Shield room with Sky and added a lot more detail
    - Lots more meshes added for detail

    It still runs like a dream however, much faster than the stock maps



    Great work!
    Scaling and lighting is very good.

    Go get it, guys.


      Thanks man for the really nice remake ... I didn't discover Codex until UT2K4 but then I did go back GoTY UT99 and played on the original Codex. It was my fav UT map for a long time. And now thanks to you it is available again. Very cool.


        Great job man, brings back memories! Glad you didn't overdo the Static Meshes - this map wouldn't be right with UT3 style static meshes.

        I sure hope I see custom servers putting this baby on now


          Originally posted by f00dl3 View Post
          Great job man, brings back memories! Glad you didn't overdo the Static Meshes - this map wouldn't be right with UT3 style static meshes.

          I sure hope I see custom servers putting this baby on now
          I would have liked to seen a few more static meshes, but I agree overdoing it wouldn't look right.


            I just updated the link above.
            Realised I forgot to include an updated .ini file which had the correct name in game.
            It's the same map, and was just named incorrectly in the UI, so no biggy.
            (It was called Codex of Widsom instead of Wisdom).
            If you notice this, just open DM-Codex.ini in your CustomMaps folder and alter the name inside it
            Like i say tho, it's not going to affect anything important if you don't correct it.


              By the way, amazing remake of the level, brings back some great memories. I don't know if I'm asking too much or if this even matters to you or anyone else, but my only complaint would be the water you've used in the map.

              The water is not even the slightest bit translucent and looks like blue paint...not water. I think it ought to be more transparent and refract the material underneath it. Obviously this is only my opinion and only a simple request, do with it what you will. And as I said before...everything else is spot on perfect!


                Yea I did have translucent water originally, but it looked like a silly barely visible sheet on low detail.
                This water works on high and low detail.
                I also wanted it to look like the blue light was coming from the water - the only source of light there


                  Very nice remake !!


                    Yh nice map... the water should be abit more of a green in that case lol as its a suer!
                    But either way works well! good job!


                      damit! i like this map, one of my favorite maps for 2k4, and this looks now very oldskool


                        Just awesome thanks creepyD for this nice remake i like it a lot


                          Codex! \(^.^)/
                          Looks great too (down with statics!). Thanks very much for making this. <3

                          CreepyD = CreepingDeath, right? :x


                            This really is an amazing remake ... it is really perfect. You know when I had UT for the PS2 I played this map ALL THE TIME. It was/is the best DM level in UT99 imo ... too bad there is no ripper in UT3 like in UT but if someone ever makes it then this level will really be a perfect remake (using a weapon replacement mutator of course). Anyway thanks again for remaking my favorite UT map ... it makes me want to run out and buy UT but why ... now that I have this and the new HOLP pack as well as the other remakes that are being made. Is it any wonder why this is my favorite game.


                              Glad everyone likes it, makes all the hard work worth it

                              I didn't know what to put in place of ripper, and in the end put nothing at all.
                              Almost put a helmet or vials, but it's so close to the shield that I thought it would be a little overpowered.

                              @Super-Moose, yep that's me.