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    Lo yall
    The first UTMB map is a fact.

    Download it Here
    Have phun

    Added a DM version at link posted above

    Cooking for the PS3 is to buggy, to much work, impossible.
    Anuban stopped his cooking service, so for now UTMB maps
    will only be available in the PC version, sorry.


    Cool !! i love map like this !! more please


      Very awesome !


        Haha when i first saw the thread and no pic,i expected a round arena with no static meshes how wrong was I
        That looks pretty good for your first map.
        I`ll down load it later and have a little tester on it.


        [edit]ok had a quick game not to bad tbh.
        Just one thing if i`m on red team i cannot drop down the red toaster to get sniper gun i die straight away,yet i can do it on the blue toaster.
        Not sure if thats how you wanted it.
        Also the bots get stuck down there.(maybe a jump pad down there might solve that.)
        And the lighting just don`t seem right to me.

        But for your first map i`m impressed


          Thx all For your comments

          to get sniper gun i die straight away
          Hint: The toaster has a button

          the bots get stuck down there
          They do get out with the Translocator if I remember correctly.
          But they won't if they have the flag ofcourse.
          A jump pad would make the above hinted function almost obsolete

          I think its the combo of the bright environment versus the actual lighting
          that is a bit off indeed.


            For a first map it's amazing. I think it's missing visual light sources and perhaps another area (how about going under the sink in the pipes?). I cant try it since I'm on PS3, but yeah: maybe add the possibility of going in the pipes and around them?


              Map stutters for me sometimes and I can run every other map maxed out just fine. No idea what it could be.


                did you model all those statics? if so, what software did you use?


                  Enjoyed this map. Top first effort. Would love to see the same map in a deathmatch *hint hint Thank you


                    Can you make this as a Death Match too?


                      It looks great - it's the only map I've seen so far that departs completely from UT3's visual style and does it well. I hope to see this one online.

                      Edit: Just tested the map, so here's some more feedback:

                      - I noticed when I fell off the counter that there was a HOM effect there. I think you either need to fill that hole or move your kill zone much higher so your view never gets down there.
                      - I also noticed some stuttering too at the beginning of the match, but after that everything was nice and smooth, so I'm not sure what that was about.
                      - Also I second T@F's suggestion for jump pads in the toasters, not just because using the translocator every 30 seconds is a pain for me but also because it'd be fun to see players popping out of there all the time.
                      - Certain things like the coffee mugs seem way out of scale with everything else. Might be worth fixing those just to complete the look of the map.
                      - Some music and a working map pic would be nice.
                      - I love the fact that the toast is all crunchy when you walk on it.


                        Originally posted by NewPCGamer View Post
                        did you model all those statics? if so, what software did you use?
                        Yup, max 9. (

                        With HOM you mean the infinite view you get when there's no geometry ?
                        The killzone higher is a good plan.
                        The mugs are pretty much "scale correct" in comp to the toaster, though the
                        ones on the worktop are a bit bigger then the shelf ones.
                        Could make them the same.
                        Trough popular demand i'll place a Jump pad in the toaster, was struggling myself
                        whether to put a pad there or not so yall convinced me

                        Seven_Force: Map stutters for me sometimes
                        Its most likely the toaster model which is quite heavy since the player gets
                        up close and personal with it. It might have been possible to get it a bit
                        lighter but that would be unnoticeable performance wise.

                        As soon as i get more webspace i'll upload a DM version.
                        In the meanwhile i'll upload the updated version to the same link.

                        1 fluke/easter egg:If you stand next to the red button of the toaster the
                        killzone in the toaster gets activated,as soon as you walk away from the button
                        the killzone gets deactivated again.
                        The unwanted thing here is that its on by default So you have to run to
                        the button before you can go in there to get the sniper gun.
                        After that it stays off except when someones in the button trigger.

                        Thx for your replies all


                          Bumpin n' grindin


                            My suggestions:
                            Remodel the fork, and give both, fork and spoon fancy shader textures with reflection.

                            Make something that obviously kills the player in the water. Water itself wouldn't kill you, UT3 characters can swim.

                            Create a real skybox for the outside, the one you've made it much too close to the window, so it doesn't look like it has any depth.

                            The inside skybox looks really bad. You should either actually build those things just as a decoration, or make a new one with corrected perspective.

                            The jumppad in the middle somewhat should push you to the link gun instead of the water tap.

                            There is a respawn inside a cup...people don't really enjoy being trapped right after the spawn, only translocator or impact hammer would get you outta there.

                            Give the water tap a chrome effect.

                            Fix the lighting on the plate.

                            Make the chinaware look shiny.

                            The toaster is annoying, I couldnt get out of it anymore...The sniper rifle isn't worth a death.

                            Thats my wishlist for xmas :P
                            Good work for your first map, though.


                              the jump pad inside the toaster doesn't work