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HOLP Map Pack Released

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  • HOLP Map Pack Released

    We have released our HOLP map pack for Unreal Tournament 3:

    HOLP (Hardcore Oldskool Low Poly)


    # 9 Levels in total, 5 CTF and 4 DM levels.
    # The focus is on great gameplay.
    # Hardcore oldskool (think UT1) levels with minimum clutter, maximum gameplay, and somewhat decent visuals.
    # Nearly all contributing level designers are professionally active within the games industry and all of them are European.
    # Involved were Hourences, Sefyra, h0ok, Sabrewulf, Sjosz, Hazel, Slainchild, Barballs.
    # Great perfomance.
    # Wide range of themes and colors.
    # No or limited bloom, depth of field, motion blur, normal maps, and so on. - Thanks to - 191 MB

    This pack IS NOT meant to look awesome, nor to rival the graphics found in the retail UT3 levels. These levels are meant to provide pure gameplay, not to look great. We hope that our levels will bump up the popularity of the classic gamemodes DM and CTF, and get some clan play going again.

    Unzip everything into C:\Documents and Settings\YOURNAME\My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\CustomMaps

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    Awesome, downloading...


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      Awesome!! Downloading


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        Downloading now! This thread JUST now appeared as I was refreshing the page... awesome. We needed more CTF maps BADLY and you've really filled a need here-- with some DM to boot! UT3 shipped with WAY too much emphasis on Warfare mode. I will rate the pack after I play through them.

        Kinda disappointed that the maps are going to be rather plain looking, I'd prefer them to look on par with what Epic made, but I'll get over it. Thank you.


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          Amazing ... thanks so much for this pack .. it is really a great thing to have this. Wow ... can it get any better. I love this community.


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            This is Great, Hope to see some servers running the pack tonight. Thank you!


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              Very nice, I'll botmatch on 'em in a sec. Hoping for some real good framerates on these. It's splendid to have a map pack this soon.


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                  Botmatched all these maps, and thank you for this great pack.

                  If anyone claims UT3 doens't feel or play like UT99 or 2Kx... these maps will fix that.

                  I can only say, gimme so mo!


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                    Great maps. Perhaps you could work on some slightly bigger maps for 4v4 TDM? Right now there are only about 3 maps that are playable for 4v4 TDM games

                    Thank you though, great maps.


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                      Sweet, THANKS!

                      Downloading now.


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                        Downloading. Hopefully some servers include them to their rotation.


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                          Exactly what we need, thx !


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                            Originally posted by View Post
                            Downloading. Hopefully some servers include them to their rotation.
                            ictf pickup servers are already running the ctfmaps as we speak


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                              Great to see this mappack finally released. Did some beta testing help on a couple of the maps and they are absolutely awesome. :-)

                              Btw Sefyra is the same guy that made Betrayal for UT2k3/4. In order words he rocks.