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DM-NightInThePark [MSU UPDATE V1.5]

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  • DM-NightInThePark [MSU UPDATE V1.5]

    Name: DM-Night in the Park
    Compatibility: UT3 V1.2
    Description: Large DM Map set in a city park.
    Players: 6 - 12



    -Added rain, thunder and lightning effects
    -Optimised performance
    -Blurry texture bug fixed
    -Added more detail to the map
    -Added jump pads
    -Made it easier to climb the hedges in various spots.
    -Added 2 sniper platforms in the trees
    -Only 2 powerups: berserk, invisibility; set in opposite corners of the map.

    UPDATED V1.2


    - Holes in the hedges are visible now
    - Tweaked bot paths
    - Lowered metal fence around the Flack Cannon
    - Added a few spots where you can jump over hedges (the bots can jump too)
    - Powerups: 1 invisibility, 1 Udamage, 1 Berserk; set far apart
    - Added more items: weapons, health, ammo
    - Fixed fade radious for the ambient sounds

    Screen Shots:







    My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\CustomMaps


    This is my first map, and i don't mean just for UT3 but FPS in general. It's been a learning experience and i think it tuned out very well for my first ever map. I'm surprised how well it runs performance whise since I went crazy with
    hundreds of static meshes for the foliage.

  • #2
    Yay !!! another my type Map for UT3

    I really like nice colors and beatifull map like this
    this map is very scary for Invasion Game too


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      Awesome!!! played 1 game; could not believe some of the secrets, if they were supposed to be secrets. Large is good. Makes it for alot of fun, and a (game) at playing.
      Didn't know at first if I could jump that fence in the middle, but did a double jump (I quess) and got the flak weapon. Seemed like I backed up through one of the hedges, and found myself alone in what appeared to be a blocked off area; intresting. Music really stuck out in that area It was a good place for it. Tried to find how I got in there and found alittle hole. Looked like a hidding place, but one of the bots must have seen me; fraged me. lol Im still not done seeing if you did some of these things on purpose, or if they r errors in the mod.

      Great Map though

      Back again
      Well Just played another game. You sly dog u. Great!!! Makes the map alot more fun. Team DM seems to be more fun.
      Field Generator is good too. Did 4 on 4 with this map size, and just like the idea your not being smoked every two secs.
      Didn't play long enough to see if any boosts were in it. Now that is another story.

      Keep it up! Large maps are Good


      • #4
        Thanks glad my work is appreciated.

        @ ur-name-here: Those holes in the hedges aren't bugs, i made them on purpose. There are 2 field generator in the map. Powerups:1 invulnerability, 1 double damage, 2 invisibility.

        The only bugs I've noticed now replaying is regarding the spotlights around the dog/gargoyle, the volume light beams stop projectiles....

        Oh and btw did you find the redeemer yet, or did the bots find it for you?


        • #5
          Great 1st Impression

          When I test out maps at first I play for short frags, and time to get first impressions out. This one struck me, because of it's versatility, and size.
          Please Stick with Large Maps. There r alot of ppl who like them, and enjoy the gaming aspect of them.

          Dont know why, but when I first started playing it gave me flashbacks of Deus Ex.

          I think 16 players will have a big effect on fps, but some will be able to handle it.

          Yeah; the colors, trees, labrinth, ect makes it and you a commer.


          • #6
            I like large and atmospheric maps too, which is why I chose this creepy night time setting.


            • #7
              For a first map, this is excellent. I love the atmosphere and the narrow spaces. A few criticisms:
              • You don't need to put in so many pickups. I know the temptation is to put in at least one of everything, but don't be afraid to make maps that only have some weapons and power-ups. Sometimes less is more.
              • It could do with more prominent landmarks. There are plenty of them, but you can't see them over the hedges, so it's easy to get lose your orientation.
              • Perhaps you could open up some of those manhole covers to allow an alternative means of traversing the map and add a bit more depth to the map (literally).
              • The radius of the cricket sounds is a bit small. They fade in and out too suddenly.


              • #8
                For the size of the Map I thought the pick ups were fine. Yes the cricket sound could be expanded. As far as orientation. Your playing in a labrinth!!!
                Yes his first is excellent!


                • #9
                  Originally posted by ur-name-here View Post
                  For the size of the Map I thought the pick ups were fine...
                  Maybe the weapons are ok, but two invisibilities and an invulnerability will quickly become tiresome.

                  One more thing: Walking through the invisible gaps in the hedges should trigger a rustling sound. That would add a bit of strategy in locating your foes, plus it would make it obvious that they are meant to be there.


                  • #10
                    wow the lighting is really good.


                    • #11
                      Well just as everyone else has I am going to sing your praises concerning this map. It's fun and quite unique as well as extremely moody which earns big points in my book. Just as another poster mentioned this map reminded me of another game. The setting and everything just makes me think of the Resident Evil games but maybe that's just me. Great job on the map and I'm going to be awaiting any future releases from you.

                      ~FalseEmperor aka False


                      • #12
                        This is one of the most original maps I've seen so far, from what little I can take from screenshots. Again, hopefully one day I'll be playing this map on my console. Kudos to you.


                        • #13
                          I agree about this map standing out - not just visually, but in terms of gameplay too. The constant twists and turns as you sprint through the maze are pretty exciting, and make up for the lack of z-axis combat. I also like that there are some dark, overgrown areas to hide in or use as a means of escape.


                          • #14
                            Yeah this is definatly a very good map! Good job !


                            • #15
                              Great map, cheers!