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Anuban's Favorite Mutators complete pack 1.2

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    Right, download works fine. I am now going to start the game. (took an age to install them).
    I have not had much success with UT3 mutators in the past (i.e none of them work) so It won't be your fault if they don't work. Here goes!...

    ****. Why don't they work? I install them how the instructions say, but they don't bloody work This happens to me with ALL ut3 mutators.

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    Originally posted by Generic Monk View Post
    Thank you! This is going to save me loads of trouble!

    Oh, and you might want to add that link to the OP, for people who are lazy and can't be bothered to read the second post

    Oh, the link doesn't work

    Maybe upload it to filefront?
    Sorry about that ... I just checked from two different browsers and I was able to get the file. I will try and upload it to filefront and put an updated link in the first post. Again I apologize for that ... but it is odd that I can get to the file without any issue???

    Edit: Okay the link has been added to the OP as requested ... let me know if you have any issues with downloading it.

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    Thank you! This is going to save me loads of trouble!

    Oh, the link doesn't work NOOOOOOO!

    Maybe upload it to filefront?

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  • started a topic Anuban's Favorite Mutators complete pack 1.2

    Anuban's Favorite Mutators complete pack 1.2

    Name: Anuban's Favorite Mutators
    Version: 1.2
    Compatibility: UT3 1.1+ (might work with 1.0, but I didn't test it)
    Description: A collection of essential user created mutators that greatly enhance re-playability by adding a seemingly endless amount of options to the game play.
    Comments: These are mutators that are so good they should have been included in the retail package. Great job to all the creators ... links to all of the original threads have been included in case you just want the individual mutators and not this pack and also so proper credit is given to each developer.

    I'm not taking credit for anything but putting them all in one easy to download package to make things more convenient for people instead of having them find each one individually and download them which can be time consuming when we are talking about 14 mutators. This file contains all the original zip files (if the author included a readme it will be in the individual archive) and some of the mutators are still in development but in good enough shape as betas I can wholeheartedly recommend them.

    Download: Link removed permanently ... I don't feel like anyone appreciates this any longer so I am done with this. I will leave the info up though so you can contact the various mutator creators if you want to.

    Detailed Description/Information - Mutators included

    - Newtators: includes dual enforcers, vampire, quad jump boots, no super weapons vehicle arena, speed boots - UI included

    - BatteMoD: has things like player regeneraton, weapons tweaking, etc.

    - Customizable UT3: Lets you configure things like weapon properties and starting heatlh and armor - UI included

    - VAS Autoshields : Shields for all players at the start of the match

    - Gibalicious: Gore galore -UI included

    - MK3rdPersonMutator_v1.21: 3rd person view for those who want to play the game like a 3rd person shooter

    - Air Control 1.1c: Allows users to control themselves while airborne so you can switch direction midair and sometimes escape death
    - UI included

    - Quad Jump: Basic quad jump mutator (included in case all you want is quad jump with no other options for user modification like in a couple of the other included mutators) -

    - Drop it all: When you kill an enemy they drop all the weapons they have on them as well as any powerups -

    - TVGMutators: start with dual enforcers, no self-damage, and unlimited ammo highlight the options for this mutator - UI included

    -UT3's Massacre - Killer's Bonus V1.0: mutator that gives out bonuses for first blood, all the different killingSprees and all the Multi kills. Bonuses incude damage, movement, health, and Armor.

    - UPickUps: mutator which will enable you to remove the special pickups (Berserk, Invisibility, armor, etc) as well as vehicles ... for example you can now play DM-Heatray without the Darkwalker and/or the Invisibility pickup and likewise you can now play DM-Fearless without the Invulnerability pickup if you want. In the future the mutator will allow you to replace these same special pickups with other special pickups if you want to. An example would be that you will be able to replace the Invisible pickup in Heatray with the Superhealth or with the Berserk pickup if you want to play that way. Basically you have a way to easily modify a level in a small way that can actually change the gameplay in a huge way

    - ActionCam_v1.0: mutator that will allow you to play in the over shoulder "2nd person" style of Gears of War

    * New mutator - NoArrows: removes those annoying white arrows from CTF/VCTF matches
    -->> Currently this mutator is incompatible with Action Cam ... leave a mesage at the above thread if you want the author to attempt to address this
    Enjoy PC Gamers!!! Hopefully the PS3 gamers will be able to get these mutators in the near future.

    Thanks again to all the creators of these fantastic mutators ... they have added immensely to my gaming experience and I am truly grateful that you took the time to create them and share them with your fellow UT fanatics.

    * new version 1.2 includes 1 NEW mutators - This is the final version other than updates to the mutators that make up this pack. There will be no more mutators added to this pack.