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Anuban's Favorite Mutators complete pack 1.2

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    Originally posted by OnE40LaW View Post
    +1 and All 28 friends of mine!!!!!!

    3rd person FTW!!!
    What ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ said for the PS3!!!!!


      how do I use the mods for ut3

      hey,I just wanted to know how exactly do I put the mods in the PS3 version of UT3?....Can someone please help me with this?......


        Originally posted by DVnt View Post
        Mark if you're reading this, please cook the mods here at the top of the threads starting with 3rd person view.

        Oh! And Merry Christmas!
        Same Here!


          Originally posted by Corpse Grinder View Post
          Same Here!
          also same here


            AnuBan Put this one on your list, Its the Shoulder-view like Gears of War exacly what us PS3 dudes have been waiting for!



              Originally posted by Buddyluve View Post
              AnuBan Put this one on your list, Its the Shoulder-view like Gears of War exacly what us PS3 dudes have been waiting for!


              ACTION CAM!!!! SWEET!!!!!! sorry didn't mean to yell but I want it on my PS3 NOW!!


                Make some threads requesting it and maybe we can get Mark and The Team to notice it! because all of us PS3 owners want it


                  Not a problem ... I will add this to mutator to my pack in the next update .... just give me today and by tomorrow my pack will be at v1.1. And yeah just keep making threads asking for this pack ... if I can put this together Epic should be able to easily cook them so again just keep nudging nicely like you all have been doing. That is a cool mutator I have to admit ... definitely an essential one and that is what my pack is about.


                    Latest update to the pack is now available to PC users ... PS3 users keep at it with Mark Rein so you can get all these goodies as well.

                    The pack is now at version 1.1 and includes 13 mutators in all. Since the ActionCam author does not have a thread on this forum it is important to give him proper credit on this thread ... Matt "Fall" Webster. See the OP for information on the other new Mutator UPickupsBeta. As always enjoy. And of course a big thanks to all the devs of these great mutators for allowing me to pack them all up for folks.


                      Ahh.. thanks Anu


                        Originally posted by Buddyluve View Post
                        Make some threads requesting it and maybe we can get Mark and The Team to notice it! because all of us PS3 owners want it
                        can you please for the love of god quit saying that!!!

                        every ps3 fan does not want third person

                        i have only seen about 8, and unfortuantly all of them make mulitple threads and post dozens of times in these forums.

                        there is not ONE person in my clan who wants thrid person, and everyone who wants this seems to have just joined the UT3 community because they loved GOW. This is a first person shooter, this is why i bought the game, and there is no way in hell i want to be in third person. Your small group of GOW fans who have a ps3 do not speak for the community.

                        on the other hand, i fully support this pack of mods being cooked. There are many great mods that players on the PS3 deserve. My only problem is with people openly lying about me, and the entire ps3 community.

                        Again, i have no problem with you asking for 3rd person to be cooked, and i fully support this mod/mut pack being cooked,
                        But quit lying about me and the commmunity



                          You don't have to take it seriously as if EVERY SINGLE INDIVIDUAL wants it. ..Chillax

                          The truth is though the majority does, and this would REALLY help the sales on the game and also the game's life cycle.
                          It will also lead the game to people who liked Gears of War, giving UT III an even larger customer base.

                          Again. If you don't want it you dont have to download it.
                          What's the problem, I know you are saying you have know problem with it, but guess what?
                          I never mentioned your name, sorry but... I don't even know you..

                          Just ease up. This mod would really help us PS3 owners out... as most of us aren't used to FPS. The shoulder-view would really help out. Heck... even some PC owners are like
                          ''yeah just give it to them for the heck of it''

                          This is the first time we PS3 owners get treated like people who have a choice, if you don't want it don't say anything

                          I really appreciate your support for this Mod/mut pack it shows how much we PS3 owners understand each other.

                          And you know what?

                          I Will never say that each and every individual on the PS3 wants it.

                          In the End it's better for us all.

                          Thank you


                            Wow..this would be utterly awesome is Epic cooked this for us PS3 what a treat this would be! The perfect Christmas present.


                              yeah, I know ^__^


                                To be fair there are quite a few PC gamers that play UT in 3rd person when they are playing offline. Heck I used to play UT exclusively in 3rd person when playing with UT2K3 due to the cool acrobatic moves your character makes ... they took those animations out in UT2K4 so I stopped using it then. But yeah I could see why people would want to use it ... when the grapics are this good you want to see your character.