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DM-TheConveyor [Updated]

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  • DM-TheConveyor [Updated]

    Title: DM-TheConveyor
    Description: Hopefully I got this version right. Thanks to Fuegerstef and others, I made some fixes which include:

    -Conveyor belt works properly now
    -Added pipe trim to slime area
    -Added a new ramp to the rocket area near conveyor belt so it's not a "floaty" feeling
    -Added jump boots to original location from original UT conveyor
    -Added shield belt to original location from UT's conveyor
    -Added preview shot to map

    If you have downloaded this before, please over-write the old file.

    Screens as before:

    Download here:

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    ehh I only see some nice lady's on the screenshots


    • #3
      What? That can't be right. I copied the URL's for the screenshots as before.


      • #4
        yay thank you for update !

        I think your map is really nice and fun to play
        hope coming more from you ...


        • #5
          \o/ Gave it a 5-star rating, it deserves it.


          • #6

            I am glad you spent the extra time and went back into the map because it turned out wonderful.


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              Originally posted by BuffyTheSlayer View Post
              I think your map is really nice and fun to play
              hope coming more from you ...
              Thank you, in the works right now is VCTF-Timberland

              And thank you everybody for your kind words.


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                cant see screenshots only ladies but i aint complaining


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                  Weird about the screens, I see them fine :S


                  • #10
                    Either they play tricks on you or something is wrong on their side... ...I see the screens just fine.


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                      This turned out to be a really nice made ... very well done ... it has nice flow and I like the the way you did the transparent windows they look really cool and that is what I call a cool force field affect ... you may want to share how you achieved that with the mapper that made Orbital2007 because that is what he was trying to achieve and you did it perfectly. The moving convenyor gives the map a nice pro touch. Thanks for adding to the quality user created maps that have been created so far.

                      - DM-Shrine
                      - DM-Convenyor
                      - DM-Pyramid
                      - DM-Krodan
                      - DM-SubZero
                      - CTF-Orbital2007

                      So far these are my favorite user created maps that have been released as finals (I'm still waiting on several DM maps and several CTF maps to get out of beta) ... keep 'em coming mappers ... lord knows we need more ... especially some CTF-Lovin and some more nice terrain/jungle/tropical island DM maps. I love this industrial and tech stuff but need more sunshine please.

                      An honorable mention goes to CTF-Grendelkeep3 ... if the misaligned textures get fixed that would definitely be a keeper as well.


                      • #12
                        Thank you very much Anuban. I appreciate it, it took alot of hard work and dedication to make it great. I settle for nothing less than perfection. It wasn't all that hard to do the force field, it was just a static mesh from the LT_Deimos pack.

                        And screens should be fixed now, I think.


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                          this map is godlike also screenies are really good ...


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                            Originally posted by -tolga- View Post
                            this map is godlike also screenies are really good ...
                            Thanks, hopefully it's good enough to get a job at epic games


                            • #15
                              looks intresting ill test tomorra