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CTF-DJ-Diamond2k7IGv2 Instagib Only

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    CTF-DJ-Diamond2k7IGv2 Instagib Only

    Name: CTF-DJ-Diamond2k7IGv2

    Version: 2.0

    Compatibility: UT3 ver. 1.1

    This map is a remake of my UT99/UT2k4 map CTF-|rS|Diamond. Those versions were strictly IG and Sniper Arena themed. This version InstaGib only. It is extremely fast paced action. Those of you who have played the previous versions know of its action.

    Working Screenshot Preview.
    To install this map you simply need to extract the archive to the "My Documents" folder.
    Have fun with this map.
    Feedback is welcome but if you want to bash it keep it to yourself. Not everyones PC can handle a map full of meshes.

    New in this Version:
    Added team icons so people know which way to go. (thanks for the feedback on the previous version)
    Made the obsticles slightly larger to provide a little more cover.


    Credit: Me aka DJStoney69 and all who gave feedback on the first version. Thank you very much.

    Website: N/A


    Excellent work thx again Stoney


      Your welcome, Now i have to decide if I want to make anything else. Servers are literally empty for ig, I hate weapons. I have some ideas but not sure what im going to do yet, got crysis yesterday in the mail from nvidia so I have been playing that, need new video card lol.


        This is nice , i like ut 99 remake but sadly it ' very hard to find serv who run custom maps .


          Originally posted by darkyautja View Post
          This is nice , i like ut 99 remake but sadly it ' very hard to find serv who run custom maps .
          I know what you mean. I looked just now through the servers a whole whooping 234 people playing There are some servers that run custom maps but they have no redirect so.....


            one problem is that ig just feels less accurate in general. I think it is partially due to the beam not just being a straight line any more and instead having all these swirling effects that make it seem you should have gotten a kill but the effects were the only thing that hit.