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  • DM-SPC-Pyramid

    Name: DM-SPC-Pyramid

    Version: 1.0.0

    Game Types: DM, TDM, Duel

    About: Remake of the DM-Pyramid map from the original UT

    Some Story: The Necris satellite ETO-073, called Pyramid for its
    unique shape, is the Necris space device, which is
    researching the human beings. It is important strategy
    point in the war agains the Necris, so it must be exterminated.
    So, Kill em all!

    Screenshots: There are screenshots in my beta release

    Download 1:
    Download 2:

  • #2
    Hey, I think your download link is not correct. It takes you to a Solider of Fortune custom skin. Please fix. Looks like an awesome map!


    • #3
      Originally posted by haooken View Post
      Hey, I think your download link is not correct. It takes you to a Solider of Fortune custom skin. Please fix. Looks like an awesome map!
      same prob here , link is a SOF file


      • #4
        Hehe, indeed. Fix link please.


        • #5
          link now omfgggggggggggggggggggg i wanna play this sexy map


          • #6
            Oooh shi*!
            Ehm I don't know how it could happen, but now it is fixed.

            I am so Sorry...


            • #7
              Great! DLed.


              • #8
                Great map. Fast action, and in space, just the way i like it.

                I swear any time i extract to that damned folder, only the .upk file goes in and the other two files never go in, better to just drag and drop.

                Also, i found one problem, the map doesn't list the player count.


                • #9
                  You mean min and recomended? hmm... Its strange, I set it.


                  • #10
                    Nice works


                    • #11
                      I will be commenting soon after I give it a try. Judging by the screenshots, it looks gorgeous. About how the File was incorrect at first, after you upload to Filefront you don't copy that first link they give you, it's more or less a confirmation link that needs to be clicked. Click it yourself, then copy the link that is up top. Just so this doesn't happen again, Lol


                      • #12

                        To Ugly: ya, you are right, i repaired it, so there is a new link to download...
                        hope, that now it is true final release


                        • #13
                          Woot !! link working good now !!! this map is just a piece of art !! play very well lot of fun !!! raaaaaaaaaaaaa lovely !!!


                          • #14
                            I'm loving this map to death, so much fun.

                            Few problems though.

                            Namely some random visible dotted line in the map.


                            Also, bots seem quite stupid (on Skilled) when it comes to them trying to get the shield belt, they just float bellow that floor that holds it until you kill em, dunno if they can get it at higher levels.
                            I dunno how to describe this except misaligned textures?


                            • #15
                              hmm, i don't have the problem with the line in the map, so ia don't know how to repair it

                              to bots, yes, they are stupid, as you say, and they are not able to use the field properly...they are really stupid in this way (but i did everything for it)

                              misaligned textures....ouch, i must be blind or what Or I just forgot to this :-/
                              shi*...and this is the final release