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    1. Name: CTF-C-TheUrbZ
    2. Version: RC2 - Probably final
    3. Compatibility: UT3
    4. Description: Situated Deep in downtown New York, This small stock yard is a new 4 to 6 player arena.
    5. Comments: This version should be final, should any major problems arise, I'll update it. Its not 100% done, but I just got tired of working on it.
    6. Screenshot: Down below
    7. Credits: ME, Epic, you know, the usual
    8. Homepage: not yet
    9. Download: (24.1 God loving Megs)

    Now, heres why this map is interesting:
    Oh no! Someone's going for the redeemer!

    Shoot out the small supports under the platforms!

    No Redeemer for you!

    Great looking map....


      Looks unlit to me...cant see any lighting and doesnt look finished.

      Its not 100% done, but I just got tired of working on it.
      Great reason to release a map.


        Please fix the lighting.


          Nice map, plays well


            I don't really like the map - maybe it's a nwCTF map and not usable for instagib, but i did check them out and below you can find some 'problems'

            Screenshot below is obvious

            Standing on the same roof as the screenie above (used jumppads to go uberhigh, then jumped off towards the blue side) - i'm now standing on that roof, but I can't jump off - check screenie - i should be able to jump off there

            Major FPS drops on top of that redeemer thing