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    Note: please download CTF-BarnBurner

    Onoz! Another BarnBurner!

    Name: CTF--)AO(-BarnBurnerXKl337
    Version: 1
    Compatibility: UT3
    Description: This is a remake of the first BarnBurner, I tried to make it as accurate as possible to the original map in UT99. Bot paths and weapons and everything is included.
    Screenshot: (below)
    Credits: Me(TwïsteD) and the -)AO(- clan.
    Download: Please download version 2

    Unpack in your documents folder and it should extract the files at the right place.

    Note: About the map ownership issue, someone in my clan is from AO and the one who made the original map is MIA, no way to contact him. Anyway its been like 4 years and there have been dozen of remakes already.

    dude, grats on the attemt, but it can look better. judging from the srcreenshot some texture work needs to be done, at the very least.

    put some effort into the box's the texturing, the cone looks ut99ish. we want the same play style with new gfx


      dude, you don't know what you're talking about. Those are ALL new gfx, stock textures, exept the hay and I worked it with a bump map. It can't look better than that without breaking the authenticity of the map and the cone has as many polys it can have unless you want some crappy fps


        dude, you obviously dont fully understand how the new lighting system works when it comes to bump mapping, also the texture scale is all messed up. At least attempt to make it look more natural for the new engine. im not complaing about the layout obviously. But the texturing and lighting job you did needs to go back to drawing board


          and why the hell is the map 13 megs, does it have inlayed music?

          you didnt do the dx5 compression on the textures did you when you inported them.

          my suggestion is to take this to beta for 2 or 3 days at the least . Even my sky arena i had to redo twice, once to fix static mesh lod issue and the second time to adjust for the new lighting system for framerate issues.

          if you need help on the lighting system lemme know


            Dude make a map before criticizing, you obviously don't know what you're talking about. I made the lighning plain on purpose to make it old school and I used as much the game gave me, i'm not gonna draw my texture while the game has them and if you knew just a bit about the new engine you would know that this map size is normal for a map like this with a few custom textures and smeshes

            get lost stop making pointless comments about stuff you don't know, I did not intend to make this a piece of art, this is BarnBurner just quick fun

            Go make a better BarnBurner then i'll accept your critics


              uhhh dude, how bout you check the full release section before telling me to make a map, cus if you looked i already have a map there and it was the first one up. With a far better lighting system.

              Dude you have no excuse for a bad texture job.

              How bout you check up on all the maps i did for 2k4 for IG playstyle and we will see

              Your map is point blank, badly lightmapped, old ut2kx textures. Bad Texture sizing, The size of the map is fine sure but rather then listen to sound advice you react as if im attacking you personally when in truth im trying to tell you where your going wrong and what you need to do to fix it.

              Dont make me break out the editor and litirally quote your mistakes. Take the advice and rework it a bit more.

              i was trying to be helpfull and point you in a better direction.


                The screenshot doesn't do the map justice. It's a very nice looking map within the game. There are no lighting problems and the textures look fine. I'd suggest actually trying the map before passing judgment.


                  no the lightmap is old style engine, just checked it in editor, here try this, take one light set it from its current 0.5and rasie it and watch bump mapping actually work. remember more smaller lights gives better effect then a few large ones

                  Dude trust me take it back to the drawing board it can look better you just have to spend another day or so


                    Ha, don't try to teach me on mapping dude I've been using unreal engine since UT99, I've got lots of good looking maps in 2k4 and you're arguments have no weight, i'm sure you can find some mistakes if you look but I don't care this is a 1 day map, i'm not going to awnser to you again bye


                      its your call but im trying to give advice before the community does a poo poo on you


                        just because you have been using the unreal engine since 99 doesnt mean your stuff has to look like it came from 99 in 2007

                        why dont you try to use something like this next time


                          I shouldn't say it, but the idea of one box-map mapper arguing with another box-map mapper kind of makes me giggle.

                          And no, I've never released a map in my life.

                          I would also recommend another version with new lighting unless you want to move onto something else. Put some spot lights right under the meshes for the hanging lights you have, then around the floor area underneath them put a few lights at a fraction of the intensity with maybe a slightly brownish color to act as the light that bounces back up to the ceiling. Right now it doesn't look like the light is coming from anywhere in particular. I might download when I get the game, but the meshes could definitely use some variety. If it's a real barn, more doors? Maybe a few vertical pillars, hay, pitchforks. That kind of thing.

                          Keep going.


                            this argument is more pointless than mine with wolf :/


                              im not gonna critisize coz theres too much already you'll jus make him not want to make maps again.... thanks for the work on this map OP....