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Forum Rules and Guidelines/Read Before Posting

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    Forum Rules and Guidelines/Read Before Posting


    If you plan to participate in this forum, you must follow these rules:

    Message Icons
    • You MUST choose a relevent message icon for a new thread. Not choosing one may result in a warning and your thread being removed.
    • If your map/mod is for PC only you should use a blue icon. If your map/mod is for PC and PS3 only you should use a blue|red icon
    • The OFFICIAL icon is for Epic use only.

    Subject Lines
    • If your thread contains pictures add [Pics] to the end of your subject line.
    • Add the status of your mod in the subject (Example: [Alpha], [Beta], [Final])
    • If you have updated your thread with a later post, go to the first post and change the subject to [Updated]

    Etiquette and Behavior
    • Screenshots cannot be larger then 640x480. If you want to link to a larger photo that is fine, you are welcome to use the [screenshot] tag to resize on the fly.
    • Do not misuse the Recruit icon for clans, it is for mod teams only, misuse will result in warnings
    • If you want to advertise your mod/map in a thread, we suggest the following format:
      1. Name: Your Map/Mod Name
      2. Version: Version Number/Status
      3. Compatibility: Mods or patches it requires to have installed.
      4. Description: Description/Concept
      5. Comments: Comments
      6. Screenshot: 3 screenshots of your work in action (must be 640x480)
      7. Credits: Whomever you would like to thank
      8. Homepage: Link to website
      9. Download: Link to download
    • Constructive criticism is welcome but do not be harsh or mean, you'll be swiftly removed for out of line remarks.


    If for any reason you don't follow these rules you may get a warning.

    If you receive a violation in this forum it is likely for one of the following reasons:
    1. You didn't select the proper post icon
    2. You didn't construct the proper subject line
    3. You had screenshots larger then 640x480
    4. You posted off topic
    5. You were being insulting instead of leaving constructive feedback
    6. You repeatedly ask the OP to "cook" the map/mod for another platform

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    Updated with more relevant information. Please read before posting in the maps and mods section.

    Thank you!