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Excessive Gore [Mutator][PC][Beta][Updated: March 15 2015]

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    Excessive Gore [Mutator][PC][Beta][Updated: March 15 2015]

    Name: ExcessiveGore
    Version: 0.9b2
    Description: Permanent blood, additional blood effects and gibs with special physics
    • Gibs with physics support (bouncing from walls, affected by splash damage, ...)
    • More blood decals on death
    • Headshot blood fountain
    • OnScreen-Blood effect
    • Blood fog, sheet and puddle
    • Permanent ragdolls
    • Full net support
    • Full compatiblity to other mutators
    • No replacement of Pawn, PlayerController classes (or anything)
    • Works for instant action and online games

    Friendly Name: Excessive Gore
    Date: March 15, 2015
    Compatibility: Works in 2.1 (+Titan Pack). Prior versions not tested.
    Size: ~ 213 KB
    Comment: Pre release, future versions currently not planned
    Credits: Epic Games
    Coder: RattleSN4K3

    Screenshots (click here for more screenshots):

    • Changed: Reliable method to prevent Gibs/blood from dissolving

    Download: [41 KB] (including screenshots [4061 KB])

    Read the Readme file for more information.

    Older versions:

    The mutator is a pre release. Nothing can be configured. There only a few optimizations, so playing with more than 20 players for about 10 minutes might decrease the framerate drastically.

    Cool stuff! It does get a bit laggy after a while. I just ran around with 11 bots & blew them up with my remote detonating C-4.


      Lol C4.

      Yes, it does get buggy and probably due to the decal draw calls. The engine doesn't handle decals that well as it would allow a amount of 3000 decals. I implemented a algorithm which checks grid-based how much decals are located at one place, and it should somewhen remove decals if there are too many overlapping decals at one place. In addition to blood decals, there are special actors for blood puddles, sheets and fog (a small dust cloud of bood, a puddle of blood which reacts on bullet hits, a blood fog which should saturate a local place with a red color).

      This mutator basically started as permanent-ragdolls-gibs-mutator which prevents the ragdolls and gibs from hiding. After a while I added to prevent bloods decals from disappearing. And also added physics to gibs (well basically I hacked this gibs to react like they would be real physics objects). The additional blood effects were added as fun feature ^^. My most concern was to be compatible to any mutator/gamemode. Permanent corpses isn't compatible to mutators like Titan, Gears-cam, UTComp, BTA etc. The main idea about this mutator started here. It's pretty old thread and so is the mutator. I may ended up adding too many effects so the work on the mutator increased drastically. The current mutator is kind of in a good state to actually play test it. I should also test the initial version to see if it runs much smoother (as you can see in that thread, there are tons of gibs and blood but the main mutator ran decent without any noticeble frame drops).

      If there is more interest in this mutator, I might finalize it, so it will be fully configurable, fully dynamically adapted to frame drops and still gore, gore, gore.


        Funny mod...... Thanks !


          (I'm sorry for the bump)

          This mutator would be quite nice, if it worked. Is there any compatibility difference between the retail and Steam versions?


            No need for sorry

            In general, there is no different in retail and Steam if you want to install mods. This mutator should work for Steam. So what do you mean by "would be quite nice, if it worked". Isn't it working for you?


              I suppose that sounded a little bit bitter, sorry. I installed the things where I was supposed to install them and the mutator showed up in the mutator menu, and selecting it didn't do much of anything. I would assume it doesn't work properly wth The Crucible because of its own Bloody Hell mutator, but I tested it with vanilla weapons and there wasn't much difference. I did notice that when in Warfare with Jurassic Rage enabled, running over Velociraptors put bloodstains on far walls, but that's the only extra blood effects I've noticed.


                There is no additional effect on death. But gibs are working with physics after they are disabled. With vanilla/stock UT3, the gibs only bounce several times on the ground but don't react on anything else (for instance a Rocket explosion). If gibs are hit, it will add additional splatter effects (and if near to it, also some blood effects on the screen). A headshot casues a fountain on the neck/throat of the player. The most noticaly change would be the decals which should stay on the ground for forever (unless you are already using a Decal time of 0s). The more bloods effects exist on a specific location the more blood fog will be added. The blood fog is a red colored fog. There are some additinoal blood effects but they are quite subtle.

                You only see a different if you run a game for more than 1min I would say (with killing several players). I'm not sure if the mutator is fully compatible to mutators like Crucible or Jurassic Rage. Not even sure if it works in Warfare. I just released this beta (just polished it to be beta, it was quite alpha) because it was painful in tweaking stuff and finding bugs etc. It should have been a quick mutator but turned into a full-blown mutator.

                Gonna check if it's working in other gametypes but in general the mutator is created to be compatible to other mutators.

                Quickly checked crucible (from its description) and it looks like this Bloody Hell mutator is quite similar (but also extended). Not sure how it does look in-game tho.


                  I can easily tell the two are different, Bloody Hell does have greatly enhanced blood effects compared to vanilla, but it doesn't have permanent blood, headshot geysers, blood clouds, or physics gibs. There is the possibility that I used a slightly wrong filepath for the install, do you happen to know the filepath for Steam install?


                    I don't think the Steam installation's profile folder is different. UT3 uses (if not using nohomedir) the profile folder of your current logged Windows profile. The path is the following one:
                    %userprofile%\Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\
                    (WinXP is different)

                    The default retail installation path is this:
                    • 32-bit Windows
                      C:\Program Files\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\
                    • 64-bit Windows
                      C:\Program Files (x86)\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\

                    The steam installation path is this:
                    • 32-bit Windows
                      C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\
                    • 64-bit Windows
                      C:\Program Files (X86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\

                    My ExcessiveGore mutator is packaged in the way so you would only need to extract it into 1 of these folders (preferable into the profile folder).


                      I noticed that ExcessiveGore isn't working reliable with "The Crucible Mod" (without Bloody Hell). Crucible is using a custom gib and lots of custom characters. The same thing happened on some occasion on my several tests while creating the mutator initially. Due to some protected thing I had to use a less reliable working. I'll propably being able to change this. So I'm gonna update this mutator to get this working better.


                        Updated the mutator. This version basically fixes a problem with gibs and blood decals which might have been dissolved earlier (more noticeable with custom gibs/characters).

                        Changelog v0.9b2:
                        • Changed: Reliable method to prevent Gibs/blood from dissolving

                        Check the first post for the download and updates.


                          its still very laggy on physx maps or combined with Gibalicious even with OneFrameThreadLag=false.


                            This is now one of my favorite Mutator.
                            The scenery of the map changes according to the game progress, so this Mutator is not get bored my eyes.

                            And, this Mutator is not the only visual effects improved.
                            Splattered blood stains shows the hot spot of the map to us.


                              Yep. That's a nice addition and I really like how it turned out. I worked on that a long time and I tried several approach. The current implementation is really complex and I had to create a robust performant algorithm to determine how the additional blood effects change the work (in area and even on multi levels). This can get massively costly and may drain the performance. But in general, I tested games with more than 10 players and matches without more than 30 minutes. It was running very well.

                              Originally posted by Vato3001 View Post
                              its still very laggy on physx maps or combined with Gibalicious even with OneFrameThreadLag=false.
                              Not sure why you said "still". The mutator was published as I didn't have the time or will to work on the optimizing process. The mutator itself is creating several Actors and components to create these blood effects and additionally it keeps the existing gib actors. All of this, the engine get's problematic in rendering the actors (using the Octree). Even if things are occluded the engine still process the actors without even rendering them. I slightly optmized the code and also pre-setup the config to work kind of properly. But nothing is optimized. The complexity of the mutator already exeeds the usefullness.