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DM-HARBOUR -alpha [Pics]

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    DM-HARBOUR -alpha [Pics]

    Hello UT3 community!
    Harbour is my first UDK level. It's the old, wooden harbour located on the beach surrounded by cliffs (in the middle of the night). There is lots of cargo you can use for hiding and there are some plants spread around the map serving similar purpose. Time has touched this place but the life is still there: You can see light from the windows. You can even enter some of the buildings. There is also an access to a few rooftops and there is a sneaky path beneath planks in the water.


    For odd reason I couldn't add all UT3 weapons on this map: UDK allowed to add only RL, LG and SR.. I also encountered lots of problems and bugs along the way (there always has to be the first time!) I am afraid that the light still might not be rendered properly on some meshes and bsp brushes. I packed everything to an .exe file with Frontend - is this the right way to pack your map? Thank you in advance for taking your time to test the map and leave a feedback!

    Download .exe here: (305MB)

    PS: I didn't know how to use the DM map icon in the map's title therefore I used it in the thread itself. I tried following the rules as much as I could. I will be grateful for any pieces of advice.

    Screenshots look great! Lots of custom content I assume? (given the file size)

    Could you upload a non-.exe version (use winzip or winrar to compress)? I don't really trust .exe files... they sometimes place stuff in non-optimal folders...


      Thank you, for your response. There is plenty of custom models and materials, indeed. I would gladly upload non .exe file if I knew how. Do you mind taking some time to tell me how or at least point me to the tutorial that tells how to pack a map?
      What this package would consist of? As I said it's my first project for the game and I am bewildered. I would love to decrease the file so everyone could test the map and enjoy it.


        New map.... Great !

        Thanks !


          I do like!!


            I'm glad you like it, guys! Thanks for checking it out, LordBret, DarkSonny07.

            New Splash: Although I won't reupload it unless there are some bugs and problems that should be fixed as well.

            Any feedback about scale/textures/gameplay/layout/lighting?


              Maybe you would get, beside this forum, some feedback if you would publish the wip in the new ut forum from epic in the ut3 section. I dont have installed (No time sorry) ut3 to give feedback for this map. Let me to testing next weekend when I come to house ( im out) from the pictures the size and scale seems to be ok.