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UT3 Faction: ThunderCrash

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    UT3 Faction: ThunderCrash

    Name: -ThunderCrash
    Version: 1.0

    Compatibility: Unreal Tournament III v2.1 PC

    This Package contains the thundercrash characters: Jakob, Picard and Riker


    Images -

    Screenshots: - Comming soon

    Notes: - Riker doesnt have team skins yet.

    Credits: Keltar


    Lolz! it just occured to me that if you have the Malcolm Character, he automatically shows up in the faction!!!


      Thanks, this helps alot! But I don't have a PC version of UT3, unfortunatly.
      I might have to wait until I get UT3 for Windows.


        Thanks, Shrapnel. I ampresently upgrading the characters.


          Nice work. looks well made.
          Did you make the model to fit the Skeleton, or did you make the character then worry about rigging it after?

          - there is a huge learning curve i am trying to avoid with 3D rigging - weighting bones
          - but i get these issues:
          Click image for larger version

Name:	issueswithbones.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	41.5 KB
ID:	3250885

          no matter what i try there is no fast way to rig characters
          euchreplayer23 gave me some help but that had no head shot.

          - i tried rigging again and now i have the above issue
          (i can live with it but id like to improve it if possible)
          - with other characters when i more e.g. the arms into the position of the UT3 male skeleton, the hips are effected, similar to the issue above the hips or other body parts move aswel.
          * weighting bones and this whole thing seems like alot of work, so much that if it can be done those people instantly get jobs in the game industry.. which isn't really what im after lol
          - am i a fool to be trying this stuff ?

          Many Thanks


            @ TKBs:
            I usually model my character to fit the proportions of the UT3 male that came with the rig (Makes my life easier).
            There is no way around correctly weighting your character. If the hand joints is moving the hips, you need to remove the influence. I suggest
            hoping on youtube and looking u some tuts.


              cheers Kelt'ar

              keep up the good work.
              i think dave saxon vid's will have what i need. last time (few years ago) i followed his videos & i gave up lol. now he's working for rockstar using his animation swagger for gta .. i guess ill start their looking for an "influence" tut.

              Many Thanks

              p.s. i might aswel put it here and keep your other thread clean:
              Click image for larger version

Name:	CHXcom.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	31.1 KB
ID:	3250886

              Instead of taking a character preview image in the Editor's Browser; why don't you take the image in Game?
              (Custom Map - Dynamic lighting only)
              - just an idea


                Hi TKBS,

                This alien character exists on UT3? If yes it is possible to obtain it?



                  Good Idea, TKBS...I am waiting it out on the screenshots until I have the final versions

                  Here it is:
                  Final version here: