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Rumple's Bloodshed (Warfare Mod)

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    Rumple's Bloodshed (Warfare Mod)

    Name: Bloodshed Warfare Mod

    Type: Custom Gametype / Warfare Mod

    Version: Beta v1.0

    Requirements: UT3 + patch 2.1 + Titan Pack + GameSpy Patch

    Credits: Rumple, CaptainSnarf (for use of his vehicle replacement code), & Setheran (for the use of WAR-Flare)

    Beta Testers: LordBret, & TKBS

    Description: Like Warfare but plays a little different. Most of the changes are map based meaning the way the map is set up, changes the play style making Assault style maps possible. I've named this gametype Bloodshed & it will run several different "types" of maps. All custom maps will have a "tag" on the end of the map that will describe the play style. This will go as follows:

    SH: Stronghold - A stronghold map will have one central node inside a structure (building, space station, etc). The object of this map is to capture & hold this "Stronghold" (node). Once captured, the enemy's core will start to drain. Once the node is neutralized, the draining will stop. Once the core is destroyed, the match ends. Then the level resets like normal warfare. The cores are NOT and CANNOT be directly attacked.

    SG: Siege - A siege map will have an attacking team & a defending team. The defending team will spawn in a large base housing their core. The attackers must destroy the bases defenses, infiltrate the base, & destroy the core. One or two nodes can be incorporated into this type of map to give the attackers more objectives to complete before attacking the main base. The attackers core will drain gradually over time so they have a limited amount of time (about 20 minutes) to accomplish the objectives.

    CQ: Close Quarters - A close quarters style map will have multiple objectives to accomplish in a small area. Using stand alone (unlinked) countdown nodes that only have to be held for seconds to cause damage to the enemy core. These maps will be a single large building, warehouse, or small city, & have no vehicles.

    CO: Conquest - A conquest map will be much like a siege but with 2 or more stand alone (unlinked) nodes. The object is to capture & hold the nodes. Held nodes damage the enemy core. The more nodes you have captured, the faster the enemy core drains.

    DM: Exactly what it says, Deathmatch. Killing enemy players damages the enemy's core. You don't attack the core directly.

    All the maps will have breakable stuff, & changing light & weather conditions. I have fully tested this stuff online & the maps run smooth with good FPS.

    Now on to weapons & vehicles. The maps themselves contain no weapon pickups, ammo, health, etc. When you first spawn you have no weapons in some maps & spawn with just your melee weapon & a flare gun. You'll find yourself in a spawn room with with 5 doorways with weapon lockers labeled "Assault" "Engineer" "Recon" "Sniper" "Support". Each "class" has it's own weapon set & custom deployables (health packs, plasma charges, shield, motion sensors). Once you choose your "class", you'll be teleported into the map. You can pick up extra weapons from killed players. Most of the weapons will recharge their ammo after a few seconds of not firing so ammo pickups for them are not needed. Grenades & Deployables however do. Every few minutes at a designated place in the map there will be random ammo crates dropped to resupply your grenades & deployables.

    The game has all custom vehicles as well. All of the vehicles will have a more futuristic look & feel. There is NO HOVERBOARD in the gametype, BUT you have a jetpack instead! The jetpack allows you to fly anywhere you want within the bounds of the map that is! The only drawback is you cannot fire weapons while on the jetpack but you can toggle on and off it and shoot while free falling. Holding crouch while falling slows your falling speed slightly allowing you more "hang time" & even enabling you to glide slightly while falling. Be aware that AVR (Anti-Vehicle Rockets) can lock onto jetpacks!

    Installation Instructions: Please read & follow this carefully! Unzip the file to an easy to find location like the desktop. You can always move it later. Next, drag & drop the Unreal Tournament 3 folder to C:\Users\yournamehere\Documents\My Games it will ask you if you want to overwrite the folders. Click Yes. This will only overwrite the folders & not the other files it contains. Everything will install in the correct locations.

    Running the mod: In the game mode selection menu select Bloodshed. Select a map. You can play stock maps but to play with classed base you must select a map with CO, SH, DM, CQ, -SG tag at the end of the map name. (Example: WAR-Frozen_Village_SH). Next go to mutators & select "Bloodshed mutator" & "BS Vehicle Replacer". These mutators MUST be run to give you the proper weapons & vehicles in the custom maps. These will NOT effect stock maps. It will only give you the jetpack & the custom player movement. Next select number of players & start the match.

    Custom Map Names: WAR-Desert_Tank_War-SH, WAR-Diesel-DM, WAR-Flare-CQ, WAR-Frozen_Village_SH, WAR-Serenity-CO, WAR-Warehouse-DM

    Enjoy & keep checking the Epic forums for updates!




    Havok: Flying vehicle. Passenger capacity 5. (Pilot with weapons, & 4 passengers with no weapons.)

    Minotaur: Hover Tank. Passenger capacity 1. Main tank gun with zoom alt fire. Amphibious (floats on water.)

    Rhino: Troop Transport Truck: Passenger capacity 6 (Driver with turret, rear gunner with turret, 4 other passengers with no weapons.)

    Falcon Grav-cycle: Fast hover bike. Passenger capacity 2. (Driver with gun & speed boost for alt fire, rear passenger with no weapons.)

    Raider: Fast car with boost/self destruct. Passenger capacity 1. Driver gun has primary & alt fire. Alt fire does more damage with a slower fire rate.

    Mako: 6 Wheel Tank: Medium speed tank. Passenger capacity 1. Main tank gun fires tank shell with heavy machine gun alt fire. Amphibious (floats on water.)

    Vehicle EMP: All vehicles have my new EMP effect. Instead of kicking you out of your vehicle for 30 seconds, vehicles get "shut down" for 5 seconds but the driver stays inside.

    Weapons: Most of the weapons are self explanatory. The repair tool is the "link gun". The AVR-Rockets are a type of avril weapon that will EMP any vehicle it hits. All pistols & assault rifles can get headshots.

    Deployables: All classes have their own deployables. These deployables can be switched like regular weapons. Ammo for the deployables & grenades can be replenished by grabbing an ammo crate (looks like a weapon locker) that spawn at the nodes in most maps. You can also get ammo from a health/ammo deployable.

    Deployable Health/Ammo generator: Drop this deployable to replenish you or team mates health & ammo. While in the health generator you are more vulnerable & take more damage when shot so be careful where & when you use them. They can be placed in doorways or hallways & wait for enemy players to enter them & shoot them to kill them almost instantly. They only last a few seconds so use them wisely.

    Deployable Motion Sensor: Place one of these to detect incoming enemy players. Beeps & flashes a red light when enemy's are near!

    Deployable Plasma Charge: Cousin of the shaped charge, use these to blow up barricades & enemy vehicles. They're sticky so you can stick them to walls.

    Deployable Energy Shield: Like the stock shield but with fancy effects & less health. (600 instead of 4000)

    Plasma Grenade: Primary fire bounces & explodes either after the timer runs out or it hits a player or vehicle. Alt fire explodes on contact.

    Tear Gas Grenade: Fire modes are same as above but grenade explodes into a toxic cloud of smoke doing area damage over a few seconds.

    Some screenshots:

    You can play this mod online here:


      I've only got one question Rumple... do you ever sleep?? That is a crazy amount of stuff. Awesome!


        I've been working on this for a year now. No I don't sleep much. lol


          It's as close as you can get to a total conversion mod as you can get, but you can still run stock maps with stock content.


            18 downloads so far. That's at least half of this games population! If anyone in europe would like to put this on a server please contact me for proper server setup information. Thanks!


              Hey just wanted to drop by and say thanks for this amazing mod. I did not expect Tribes weapons, vehicles from Mass Effect, Planetside 2 and Tribes:Ascend and friggin jetpacks that the AI use competently!

              I guess more maps would help and maybe a separate mutator that replaces the boring hoverbike with jetpacks but other than that this is a fun and impressive mod. Good job man.


                Thanks! The "hover bike" I assume you're talking about is the grav cycle? It carries 2 people & when you "duck" with the alt fire it gives you a speed boost. I've tried to make the vehicles more realistic as far as weapon power, armor, & speed goes. Light vehicles should have light armor & weaker weapons but have greater speed and agility. More maps coming soon. I'll have an update for this in the near future. Stay tuned!


                  Originally posted by Rumplehedskin View Post
                  Thanks! The "hover bike" I assume you're talking about is the grav cycle? It carries 2 people & when you "duck" with the alt fire it gives you a speed boost. I've tried to make the vehicles more realistic as far as weapon power, armor, & speed goes. Light vehicles should have light armor & weaker weapons but have greater speed and agility. More maps coming soon. I'll have an update for this in the near future. Stay tuned!
                  Oh no not the Tribes grav cycle, I love that one. I meant UT3's default hoverbike when you press "Q", I prefer your jetpack more.


                    Oh ok you mean the hoverboard.


                      Had a lot going on in the last couple months. Been working on a huge update. New vehicles, & maps. Maps take time...


                        Originally posted by Rumplehedskin View Post
                        Had a lot going on in the last couple months. Been working on a huge update. New vehicles, & maps. Maps take time...
                        Hey How I did missed this great mod! Thanks for your effort dude!


                          No problem! I've been nibbling away at this for over a year now between working full time plus overtime, wife, & other responsibilities.


                            Screen shots of upcoming map.


                              As always super impressive stuff Rumple!
                              BTW I have tried to register on your website and never got the confirmation email (I did check the SPAM folder).