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[Alpha] DM-Elevation

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    [Alpha] DM-Elevation

    Name: DM-Elevation
    Version: Alpha 1
    Compatibility: UT3 Black Edition
    Description: A maintenance station in the Bering Strait.
    Comments: So, it's been a while since I've released anything, and, well, I think it's about high time I do one last hurrah for UT3 before UT4 and whatever it brings along.

    The initial concept entails a sort of maintenance station along a super-rail through the Bering Strait. I intend on having a high speed tram zip along the top whenever the U-damage spawns.

    Gameplay-wise, I was going for mixed lines of sight that allow for most if not all types of play, with numerous escape routes and trick jumps, wall dodges, etc.

    I'm mostly looking for feedback on pathing, pickups, and other gameplay elements in the map. There may be a small portion of unused space, but I can rectify that quickly. If you think some weapons need to be moved around, that's perfectly understandable.

    Some more recent screenshots from development. I intend on moving the health packs around a bit more before I move into a beta release.
    Here's a series of shots from the power station.

    Some from the 'goop room'