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Weapons BetaS

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    Weapons BetaS

    This mod is beta 2 Remplace old upks and script

    UTMutator_WP_REN_X ( renegades weapons remplacement )

    Classic UT weapons style

    WeaponsClassic_UT_X ( weapons remplacement )


    weapons remplacement yours opiton

    List name

    1 - LinkGunA343 UT2003-2004
    2 - P95 AssaultRifle UT2003-2004
    3 - AssaultRifleTridyum UT2003-2004
    4 - PistolU99 U1999
    5 - Rifle ATC U2 the awakening
    6 - AutoRifle_GDI renegades
    7 - FlameThrower renegades
    8 - IonCannon renegades
    9 - Railgun renegades
    10 - Shotgun renegades
    11 - VoltRifle renegades
    12 - ROCKET renegades
    13 - RenWeapon_Laser
    14 - ChainGun_UT2004ED
    15 - ChainGun NoD renegades
    I'm working on other classic UT99 Arms
    the characters are taking longer to build tree animation takes longer than I thought

    n.n cya

    The idea to port over the guns from Renegade X is a good one, however there are a lot of bugs.

    - The Unreal 2 Assault Rifle shows the muzzle flash particle system sideways, obscuring most of the screen every time you fire.
    - Both the Renegade and UT2004 Chainguns are the same in game.
    - The Renegade X Railgun doesn't fire at all, and once you select it, you can't switch to any other weapon.
    - The weapon switch problem is present on other weapons as well, like the ion cannon, rocket launcher, or the shotgun.
    - The seconday fire beam on the UT2004 link gun does do damage, but it's invisible.
    - The electric ark on the Volt Rifle lags, and displays sometimes outside the weapon model.

    This could be a great weapons pack, so hopefully you can get the bugs fixed.


      Holycrap.. wohh nice !!

      best regards


        Yes i work to fix commands code no work correct but is beta >.<