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War-Helix [Pics+Video]

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    War-Helix [Pics+Video]

    I made a vertical warfare map... In space... Because I can.

    Helix is basically a orbiting refinery, materials are carried in by ship to the landing platform on top, where they are picked up and processed, There are 2 loading docks and warehouses at the bottom of the platform. Clearly there is a dispute between loading docks that needs to be solved with guns.... Okay so, why people are fighting im not sure but that's what the level is meant to be design wise. Also the refinery in the core doesn't exist either since it would make up for a ton of un-used space... But use your imagination. From a distance you could imagine all those walkways in the center are a refinery.

    But in all seriousness, it has 1 link layout, 3 nodes + 1 optional node + 2 bases, vehicles are all human. The optional node will

    Special Events:
    You will be able to sacrifice your self in the core of the level to cause an overload exploding the top node.... This wont be in the first playable version.

    This map is somewhat heavy so there will be 3 versions. Lite and Heavy and Air. Lite will be more open and straight forward Heavy will have a lot more decoration and particles. There will not be a PS3 Version. If you want to take it bake it on your own ill even host it and give you credit but im not building and testing a ps3 version my self. There will be a flying vehicles version eventually (air).

    Lite Layout/Mesh: 99% complete
    Heavy Additional Bsp/mesh/particles: 0% Complete
    Air Additional Bsp/mesh/particles: 0% Complete
    Base Scripting: 90% Complete
    Bot Pathing: 70% Complete
    Event Scripting: 0% Complete

    War-Helix Lite v0.1b: Download! (50mb)
    War-Helix Heavy v0.1b: Coming Eventually! (May2014ish)
    War-Helix Air v0.1b: Coming Distant Future (When I get to it.)

    (Unlit from space)

    Lit and Filled in

    The Power Core (from red side)

    Above the Power Core

    The Middle Layer above the divided nodes. (Aka: The Workstation)

    Above that (AKAThe Foot Crossing)

    The Catwalks (between the Crossover Node and the Top Node)

    The Catwalks and Helix From Space (at the bottom you can see A little of the Crossover Node and Workstation)

    None of the signal beams in the level are obstructed by a solid surface (only grates and meshes)

    PS: I have no idea how to make a message Icon work properly, I thought they were under Post Icons, but I dont see any of the map icons there... so if anyone knows how. . . Its not in the sticky for this sub-forum. Only that you need to use one.

    First update is out! The bots.... are.... kinda.... extra retarded... but they do work!


      Woaw... !!!!

      I really like this map.

      Good work !